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Thread: Natalie Jones (27) missing from Jackson's Gap, AL since 7/5/2020

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    Natalie Jones (27) missing from Jackson's Gap, AL since 7/5/2020

    A family is desperately searching for a mother of two who hasn't been seen since July 5.

    Jessica Bishop said her sister, Natalie Jones, just disappeared without a trace.

    ?It?s been excruciating. We have no idea. It?s literally like she was just picked up out of nowhere and vanished,? said Bishop.

    The Heard County Sheriff?s Office said Jones was last seen in Jackson?s Gap, Alabama in her hot pink Chevy Cavalier. Bishop said investigators told the family Jones? cell phone pinging off a tower in Franklin.

    Bishop said shortly after she was reported missing, investigators did aerial and ground searches for Jones but found nothing.

    Bishop said their family has also done their own searches as well.

    ?We don?t know what to do anymore. Like I said, we go and search but we don?t even know what we?re searching for or where we?re searching anymore,? she said.

    The family is desperate to find Jones, someone they say wouldn?t just go silent.

    ?She?s always on social media posting pictures. She always, will either take her children or will tell her children where she?s going. She?ll let one of us know where she?s going,? said Bishop.

    Being a mother, Bishop said Jones especially wouldn?t disappear knowing her kids need her and will ask for her, like her youngest son is doing now.

    ?He called Natalie?s mom and said ?I don?t want to talk. I want to talk to mama. Where?s mama at?? Bishop described.

    Bishop said Heard County investigators told the family Tuesday there still aren?t any great leads right now but the search continues.

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    Hot pink car shouldn't be too hard to spot, hopefully she is found soon.

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    A Georgia mom who disappeared over the Fourth of July weekend is still missing, and her family is desperate for answers.

    Natalie Jones, 27, drove her bright-pink 2002 Chevrolet Cavalier with a blue stripe from her home in Heard County, Georgia, to Jackson's Gap, Alabama, to celebrate the holiday with friends last month.

    Heard County Sheriff's Office Lt. Danny Boswell says Jones left the party on July 4 around 10:30 pm.

    At 12:52 a.m. she sent a message to a friend at the party, saying, “I made it. Thanks.”

    “She didn’t say where she made it [to],” says Boswell. “She just said, ‘I made it. Thanks.’ There were no further communications after that other than her receiving texts.”

    Boswell says her phone’s last ping with a cell tower was at 5:15 a.m. in Heard County.

    “It was in the opposite end of the county from her home,” he says.

    Boswell says law enforcement flew over the area in a helicopter and there were ground searches but they didn't find her or her car.

    “We have been following every lead we possibly could to try and locate her,” says Boswell. “How does a person in a hot pink car come up missing? It has me perplexed. A pink car doesn’t disappear that easily. If we can find the car we can find her.”

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