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Thread: Lauren Dumolo (29) missing from Cape Coral, FL since 6/24/2020

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    Lauren Dumolo (29) missing from Cape Coral, FL since 6/24/2020

    Nobody has seen 29-year-old Lauren Dumolo in 11 days Tuesday. Cape Coral Police Department considers her disappearance suspicious. Her purse was found at park she frequented, and her cell phone was found by police at her home.

    With the help of our Safety & Security Specialist, we looked at her disappearance as police would.

    That started with a conversation with her father. Lauren?s dad, Paul Dumolo flew into Southwest Florida from California once his daughter went missing. He says his daughter?s disappearance is out of character.

    ?Gut feeling as a father, that?s not my daughter,? Paul said. ?She would?ve at least called somebody and she would?ve answered my texts.?

    Paul admits his daughter?s gone through some tough times but has been on the straight and narrow since she lost custody of her child two years ago. Lauren has a young daughter of 5 years old, who lives up north with her paternal grandmother.

    ?She didn?t want that for her life anymore,? Paul said. ?No matter what it was, she always knew she could reach out to me.?

    So, when Paul?s daughter didn?t call him on Father?s Day, he knew something was wrong.

    WINK News? Rich Kolko spent the day with us working Lauren?s disappearance not as a story but as a case.

    ?As soon as you get that first call that someone?s missing, you want to start to build that timeline,? Kolko said.

    June 19, Lauren?s live-in boyfriend was reportedly the last person to see her. That same day, her purse was found at Four Freedoms Park.

    A man we saw talking to police didn?t want to be interviewed on the record but told us that he saw Lauren June 19 around 8 a.m. and waved at her.

    He said, the day before, Lauren asked him about available apartments, saying she ?wanted to get out of the situation she was in.?

    ?It signals to me that she?s scared of this man,? Paul said. ?I have no choice but to think the worst right now.?

    CCPD told us the reason they elevated Lauren?s case to endangered is because, when someone disappears voluntarily, they take their belongings, a wallet, a phone. In this case, she did not.

    CCPD is asking for anyone with information to come forward. Tipsters can call CCPD at 239-574-3223. Tipsters can also submit an anonymous tip at the Cape Coral Police website, TipSubmit, a message through CCPD social media platforms or Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers at 1-800-780-8477 using case number 20-011323.

    Cape Coral Police say one Cape Coral woman could be in danger. Lauren Dumolos? father came all the way from California to help find his daughter.

    The family was checking the routes Lauren normally traveled, such as Four Freedoms Park, which she walked through every day. When her family went to the park, not only did they find her purse, they also found her shirt.

    ?Right here, down right in here,? said Lauren?s sister, Cassie Carey, at the shoreline where her sister went every day. She and her other sister?s boyfriend found the shirt together.

    ?We ran over to it and it was this burgundy, lace shirt that Lauren commonly wore,? Carey said. ?When we spotted it, we took a look at it and compared it to photos that she was in, so it?s a very distinguished?it has a pattern on it. It?s lace. It?s not just, like, your typical t-shirt. It?s very obvious that it was one of hers.?

    But finding the shirt left Lauren?s family with more questions than answers about her disappearance.

    ?It?s panic. It?s oh my god how did this get here because we?ve been frequenting this park a lot. We?ve been through this park probably two to three times a day, every day for the last week and a half,? said Carey.

    Lauren?s sister called the police to turn the shirt over to them as evidence.

    ?You don?t know if it was left there as evidence that something bad has happened to her or was it left there for us to have false hope. I honestly don?t know because you have a mixed amount of emotions right now,? said Lauren?s father Paul Dumolo.

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    It has been three weeks since Lauren Dumolo was last seen. Her boyfriend, Gabriel Pena, spoke to WINK News about what he thinks happened to his girlfriend.

    “I don’t think she left on her own because she would’ve taken at least some clothes … or her toothbrush or her makeup,” Pena said.

    Pena recently was brought in by Cape Coral Police Department to take a polygraph test, and he claims that he passed. Police will not confirm this test result nor will they say if Pena is a suspect in Dumolo’s disappearance.

    Pena, on the other hand simply misses his girlfriend and wants her to come home. “I’m worried. I’m worried and scared. Not scared because I didn’t do anything, but I’m just worried something really did happen.”

    He says he last saw Lauren that Friday morning when he left for work. When he got home that evening, she was gone. He does have a theory about where she could’ve gone. “So my thing is that she went out with one of her friends. Her friend got her all messed up on drugs, and I don’t know what after that,” Pena said.

    The police have deemed Dumolo’s disappearance suspicious. So far, Southwest Florida Crime Stoppers has received a few tips but no substantial leads.

    “At this point, everything attached to Lauren has been flagged, so, if she went and used her credit card or debit card somewhere, we would know that,” said Trish Routte with Crime Stoppers. “So, with every hour that passes every day that passes, it becomes a little more desperate to find out where she is.”

    Lauren’s father Paul Dumolo thinks his daughter is still alive but fears that she’ll become another cold case. “The wondering part is probably the worst, you know. Even if the answer is bad at least, you have closure,” he said.

    Paul does also recognize that there’s a possibility she could be gone forever but doesn’t want to let his mind go there.

    Community members will be searching for Lauren 5 p.m. Saturday, and a Candleight Vigil for Lauren will be held at Four Freedoms Park in Cape Coral 7 p.m. Sunday.

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    The search for a Cape Coral mother who has been missing since June 19 hasn’t had any strong leads into her disappearance, and for him, it’s personal.

    Det. Nick Jones isn’t ruling anything out in the case of Lauren Dumolo, but he remains optimistic even as the odds of finding her alive grow longer.

    Dumolo, 29, was last seen 24 days ago at Four Freedoms Park. Jones, a detective for 12 years, has been working to find her.

    What stands out about the case?

    “I haven’t found her yet,” he said, adding that he has never not solved a missing person case.

    “It’s tough. I’m a father myself. I have three kids and one of them is a daughter; I have a girl.”

    The case has grown personal with a lot of long hours.

    “We’ve had marine units, we searched the Bimini Basin, we had K-9 dogs out there, we’ve had underwater drones in the basin as well as searching and canvassing the surrounding neighborhoods.”

    Dumolo’s boyfriend, Gabriel Pena, on Friday told WINK News he’s “worried. I’m scared … well, not scared, because I didn’t do it.”

    Is he a suspect?

    “I can’t answer that,” Jones said.

    But, “at this point, I am not ruling anything out and I won’t rule it out until I find her.”

    Tuesday is Dumolo’s 30th birthday, and her dad said it’s going to be tough.

    As for what’s next, Jones said he needs help from everyone because he isn’t getting many tips.

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