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Thread: Donna King, (49) accused of impersonating a Cop in Florida

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    Donna King, (49) accused of impersonating a Cop in Florida

    Fake cop under investigation

    JACKSONVILLE, Fla. ? A man and woman told Jacksonville police that they were sitting at a stoplight on Collins Road, when a woman drove up behind them and began honking her horn when the light turned green.

    According to an arrest report from the Sheriff?s Office, the driver who was being honked at drove into a Walmart shopping center and the woman continued honking her horn. He told police the woman placed a firearm on the dashboard of her car, and that?s when he called police.
    That?s when police said the woman, identified as Donna King, 49, got out of her car and confronted the man and woman.

    ?It?s crazy that people would even pretend to be a police officer. That?s not something to play with at all, especially with everything that?s going on right now,? said Elizabeth Peacock, who told News4Jax she was in the car with her husband, her 3-week-old girl and 1-year-old son.

    The man announced he was contacting police, to which King responded, ?I am the police,? and displayed a badge, the Sheriff?s Office said.

    ?I thought she was an officer, honestly, until it started to get weird when she wouldn?t give me her name and badge number,? Peacock said.

    According to the report, King told police the man and woman yelled and cursed at her, but much of what she told police was redacted. It said that investigators found a police badge that was authentic from the Asheville Police Department in North Carolina.

    Police found King?s firearm under the driver?s seat with a bullet loaded in the chamber, the report said. According to the Sheriff?s Office, surveillance video shows King yelling and holding a ?shiny metal object in the air.?

    The Sheriff?s Office said a child who was at the scene with King was released to his grandfather, who lives at the same address as King.

    King was charged with false impersonation of officials, child neglect and carrying a concealed firearm. The Sheriff?s Office said King told police she had a concealed weapons permit, but that she didn?t have it with her.

    In an unrelated story, Willie Ramp was arrested in June for impersonating a law enforcement officer on Collins Road, not far from where Wednesday?s arrest occurred.

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    Yeah... I'm going to tell my "boss" I'm not doing the job on Collins Rd. and I'm citing this article.
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