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Thread: Terence Brown (24) was allegedly shot to death over explicit pictures

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    Terence Brown (24) was allegedly shot to death over explicit pictures

    The Lee County Sheriff?s Office responded to reports of a shooting early Sunday and found Terence Brown dead of multiple gunshot wounds. Family members confirmed the identity of Brown.

    Sheriff Carmine Marceno said during a press conference Wednesday that the victim was leaving a house to meet someone and was shot outside.

    Benjamin Austin Paige was later identified as the suspect and arrested Wednesday in Charlotte County.

    Paige has previous convictions on weapons charges and was released from prison in January.

    Marceno also said Paige knew the victim for about a week through social media and was ?sexually involved with the victim in this case and became angry over the victim?s refusal to delete sexually explicit images between the two.?

    Paige faces a second-degree murder charge and possession of a weapon of a convicted felon. A judge set bond at $2 million on Thursday and he was transferred to the Lee County Jail on Friday.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Queena View Post
    How much do you have to hate your mother to do that to your face?

    I can't even picture these two together. I wonder if this guy didn't realize Terence was transgender? Tattooface finds out and wants the evidence deleted, flips out when TB refuses.

    Terence's FB page reveals a fun, confident guy (and a beautiful woman) with a definite flare for fashion from a very young age and through his transition. I wonder why he retained his name (Terence Lamar Brown) after the transition, though?

    This comment on his obituary seems to indicate he was post-surgery, but even the obituary comments use the pronoun he/him:

    Terence was a beautiful soul. Last time we had spoken he was telling me how my surgery was going to be a breeze & how appreciative he was to have his mom there to help him through his. I just heard the news and I?m heartbroken, disappointed & confused. Rest easy baby boy. A soul to pure for earth!
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