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Thread: Sean Monterrosa (22) Killed by Vallejo Polce

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    Sean Monterrosa (22) Killed by Vallejo Polce

    VALLEJO, Calif. - The Vallejo police department shot and killed a 22-year-old San Francisco man early Tuesday morning suspected of looting. The victim, identified as Sean Monterrosa, had a hammer in his waist that police say they thought was a gun.

    The incident unfolded outside of the Walgreens store on Redwood Street and Broadway. Officers who responded were returning to the store for the third time in about a two-hour timespan.

    Officers in an unmarked police vehicle reported that some of the suspected looters were leaving in multiple vehicles. The second vehicle leaving rammed a responding unit, injuring the officer and disabling the police cruiser.

    Vallejo police chief Shawny Williams said a looting suspect, later identified as Monterrosa, was seen with the hammer in his pants. Monterrosa had his hands above his waist, according to Williams.

    An officer inside of a police vehicle shot his service weapon five times at Monterrosa through the windshield. Monterrosa was struck once.

    Williams made a point to lay out Monterrocondsa's criminal history, including prior shoplifting arrests, but did not condemn the actions of the officer who mistook the hammer for a gun.

    While the Tuesday night protests around the Bay Area were mostly peaceful, community frustrations in Vallejo remained high. The Vallejo police department called in multiple outside agencies Tuesday night to assist with the unrest.

    Williams did not identify the officer who shot and killed the 22-year-old. He did say he was an 18-year veteran of the department.

    "I would say it's always a tragedy when an officer has to use force," said Williams. "The officers reacted to a perceived threat," he continued.

    Members of the community expressed their outrage at the chief, who wouldn't answer if the officer's actions were excessive, before concluding the press conference.

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    This is why I don't go out.
    I don't want to get shot.
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    "he had Skittles so he could have made drugs".
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    ABC7 News I-TEAM reporter Melanie Woodrow asked Chief Williams during a press conference Wednesday what the rules are for Vallejo Police Department in terms of firing through a vehicle's windshield.

    "The officers that are part of the crime reduction team are SWAT operators. It's a practice that they practice. It's basically the rules of law apply to when you're defending yourself. If there is a threat, a credible threat you can respond to that but they do train to shoot that way," said Chief Williams.

    Chief Williams said it is allowed within the department.

    It's a practice that may be scrutinized now. The California Attorney General has announced an agreement with the City of Vallejo and the Vallejo Police Department to collaborate on a comprehensive policing plan to reform Vallejo Police Department's policies and practices as well as increase public trust.

    "Whatever's in the dark will come to light. I know Vallejo PD is trying to cover something up more," said Michelle Monterrosa, Sean's sister.

    The review promises improvements in use-of-force procedures, anti-bias and community policing, and accountability.

    Chief Williams was asked but would not give the officer's name. He said the department has 45 days to release body worn camera video and would do so even sooner.

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    VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- Pressure is building in Vallejo for the police department to release the body cam video of the recent shooting and killing of 22-year-old Sean Monterrosa.

    Police responded to a looting call at Walgreens earlier this month. Monterrosa appeared to be running to a getaway vehicle, then stopped, got on his knees, and put his hands above his waist.

    He was fatally shot a short time later. Officers say they thought he had a gun, but it was actually a hammer.

    "Release the footage, release the footage for sure and stop hiding," says Michelle Monterrosa, who is Sean's older sister. His younger sister is speaking up as well, saying "Why they probably don't want to release the footage is because they know they messed up and there is no justification for executing my brother at this point."

    In a rare move San Francisco supervisors passed a resolution urging Vallejo to release that body camera video.

    "The chief made these statements that Monterrosa was in a certain position and we want to see if that is true or not particularly in light that the police association has attempted to contradict that," says John Burris who represents Monterrosa's family.

    The police union has now filed for a restraining order to block the release of the officer's name who fired the shot.

    As all this is happening, Touro University in Vallejo has announced they will no longer be allowing the Vallejo Police Department to train on their campus.

    Not a shock says Burris, "There is a 22-year-old kid who is now dead who appeared to be surrendering and he is shot down in cold blood."

    In a City of Vallejo special meeting Tuesday night to discuss police reform, there was little to no talk of the Sean Monterrosa shooting outside of the public comments.

    Sean's sister's say they want justice, "This is a black and brown issue. You know we're tired of police murdering us, it's time to have some accountability."

    The City of Vallejo did tweet that they oppose the Vallejo Police Association's filing to keep the name of the officer private. They are in favor of releasing the name.

    There is a court hearing on this matter later this summer.

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