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Thread: Trae Denson (44) died from morbid obesity

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    Trae Denson (44) died from morbid obesity

    2008483 Tarrant Denson, Trae, Allen 6/13/1975 44 5/13/2020 D White M
    Police Department: Police Svc #:
    Deceased Address: 813 James St. , Azle, Texas 76020 Time Of Death 6:46 PM
    Occurred Location: 813 James St. , Azle, Texas 76020
    Place Of Death: Hospital ER Prosector: Susan Roe, M.D.
    Place Of Death Address: 108 Denver Trail , Azle, Texas,76020 Manner Of Death: PENDING
    Cause Of Death: PENDING
    EDR #: 44444728340
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    We just received a message from @break_victim Trae Denson’ wife that he died unexpectedly of a heart attack yesterday. Trae was new back to the card collecting community. He was a wonderful customer at our shop. We loved Trae at the shop. This is truly a tragic loss for all involved. Please pray for his wife Tara and his children and let’s all keep collecting in memory of Trae! RIP

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    Manner Of Death: NATURAL
    Cause Of Death: MORBID OBESITY

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