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Thread: Cruel couple allegedly abandoned 6-year-old girl on busy NYC street

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    Cruel couple allegedly abandoned 6-year-old girl on busy NYC street

    A heartless Long Island mom and her boyfriend allegedly abandoned her terrified 6-year-old daughter on a crowded Queens street, tossed garbage bags with the girl?s clothes out the window and drove off, prosecutors said Wednesday.

    Patrice Chambers, 29, and Mark Pamphile, 28, are accused of forcing the child from her mom?s Nissan Altima at the intersection of 140th Avenue and Springfield Boulevard in Laureltown at 11:25 a.m. on Monday.

    Minutes earlier, Pamphile called the girl?s father, who lives nearby, and allegedly told him in a voicemail, ?You better come get your daughter?she is crying like a little b?h,? a criminal complaint charges.

    A weeping child can be heard in the background of the recording, court papers state.

    Pamphile called back and allegedly left another message threatening to leave the girl on the street if her father didn?t send him $200, the papers say.

    Shortly after Pamphile left the voicemails, Chambers, who was behind the wheel, allegedly ordered her daughter to exit the passenger side door then tossed several plastic garbage bags with the child?s belongings out the driver?s side window.

    As the car sped away, the frightened child was captured on surveillance video running into the street to pick up the bags and loose items of clothing that had fallen out.

    When Chambers was confronted with the heartbreaking footage, she told investigators that she was frustrated with the little girl, the complaint states.

    Queens DA Melissa Katz said in a statement that a good Samaritan found the youngster and escorted her to two safety agents. She said that Chambers and Pamphile, who live in Suffolk County, had acted with ?no regard for the child?s safety or well being.?

    The young girl is currently in the custody of child protective services, prosecutors said.

    The couple was arraigned Tuesday in Queens Criminal Court on charges of abandonment, reckless endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child. Judge Jeffrey Gershuny released the pair without bail and ordered them to return Aug. 21.

    If convicted, the defendants face up to 1 1/3 to 4 years in prison.

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    Eight months from now there will be a new article for this child after the Division of Youth & Family Services returns her to Mom and her abusive boyfriend.
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    Wow. I have no words.

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