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Thread: Mom selling penis face masks has already raised $56K for charity

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    Mom selling penis face masks has already raised $56K for charity

    The Utah mom whose penis-covered social distancing face masks went viral has now sold 5,400 of the garments ' and raised $56,000 for charity, according to a report Thursday.

    Mindy Vincent ' who made the phallic fashion statement to remind folks to 'kindly back the f'k up' ' is furiously working to churn out the face covers after buyers flooded her Facebook page, according to

    'This is unbelievable and just crazy,' said Vincent of Salt Lake City.

    She said proceeds will go to the syringe exchange non-profit Utah Harm Reduction Coalition, adding, 'It's great to see so many people supporting our cause' it will help so many people.'

    Vincent first posted about her '#projectpenismask' on Facebook last week, quickly drawing hundreds of thousands of shares and likes.

    'When someone tells me my mask has penises on it, I will kindly let them know this is how I determine they are too close, kindly back the f - - k up,' she wrote in the post, along with a photo of herself wearing one.

    Vincent didn't originally intend to sell the shaft-covered apparatuses but now has enough fabric to make 19,000 of them, she said.

    On Thursday, the charity featured a page on its website selling Vincent's $20 'C'kblock Corona Masks,' which were listed as temporarily sold out.

    'We are overwhelmed by all of the love and support we're receiving!' the group wrote.

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    Good for her. My wife is making masks for my kids and their coworkers, but theirs are just blue fabric with filter inserts. I have access to N95s but I don't need them because I don't work with adults.

    I'm glad she's doing it for a good cause. There may be hope for this world yet.
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