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Thread: Pair of masked gunmen rob illegal coronavirus gambling den, kill host (Kenny Mark, 48)

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    Pair of masked gunmen rob illegal coronavirus gambling den, kill host (Kenny Mark, 48)

    A pair of masked gunmen robbed an illicit coronavirus gambling den in Brooklyn ? and fatally shot the host of the party, police sources said Tuesday.

    The duo barged into the victim?s home on Pulaski Street near Nostrand Avenue in Bedford-Stuyvesant around 2 a.m. Monday, police said.

    Fifteen people were inside at the time ? all gathered around a pool table where they were throwing dice and betting money, sources said.

    The victim, 48-year-old Kenny Mark, tried to put up a fight but was eventually shot in the torso by one of the gunmen, sources added.

    Meanwhile, the other suspect grabbed cash off the table, sources said.

    Mark was rushed to Kings County Hospital, where he died.

    The gunman is apparently known to the victim?s family and was one of the gamblers ? but things turned violent when he lost a chunk of money, according to one of the victim?s family members.

    ?A young man lost his money, got mad, went and got a gun, and killed my cousin,? his 60-year-old cousin Darlene Boston told The Post.

    ?They shouldn?t have been playing dice during the pandemic, of course, they shouldn?t be doing that,? she said.

    Mark, a former owner of a local 99-cent store, had a few health issues and was on dialysis twice a week.

    ?I just wish he would have sheltered in place and not let anyone in the house. He should?ve been protecting himself,? she said.

    Both suspects fled the home and are being sought by police.

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    Sounds like a Darwin Award winner.

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    Do or Die Bed-Sty. A crazy ass neighborhood. Home to Biggie and home to that infamous Chocolate Thai. I Love Bed-Sty.

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