The Manatee County Sheriff?s Office is investigating the death of a woman who was found floating in Anna Maria Sound on Thursday.

According to a sheriff?s office incident report that was released late Friday, the 49-year-old New Port Richey woman?s body was reported floating in the intercoastal waterway behind the 600 block of Key Royale Drive near Anna Maria Island.

The sheriff?s office identified the victim as Pamela Alice Mehan.

Sheriff?s office spokesman Randy Warren said the death is still under investigation, but there is nothing suspicious at this time, pending the results of an autopsy and toxicology report.

02.25.20: jumper, 7:22pm, female, died, body found 3 days later
Pamela Alice Mehan, 49
02.28.20, Anonymous, Tampa, FL., (02.25.20, female, died, body found), Jumper 2/25 was found in water either yesterday or today. Next of kin was notified today. Jumper was Pamela Mehan from New Port Richey. Has received mental health help numerous times in last 2 months after suicide attempts. Was recently discharged within a week from a local hospital despite telling staff she was still suicidal and would kill her self if released.
? 03.02.20, Kim M. C., Pamela Mehan was my sister. Yes, we had a difficult relationship, but her family was not abusive. She was adopted and was loved and cherished by our parents. She did have many abusive boyfriends. She was able to get in touch with her biological family as an adult and discovered that her bio mother was manic depressive and her bio father was an alcoholic, both Gene's she unfortunately inherited. Our parents tried to get her all the help they could, even though we were located in rural midwestern towns where resources were limited. The alleged abuse by my brother and grandfather has no basis. These accusations only came out after repressed memory therapy - which occurred years after the multiple abusive relationships she had been in. Pam struggled with mental illness her whole life. Her first suicide attempt was as a teenager. Our parents tried to get her treatment as it was available, they helped her get a college degree, they provided cars and housing... When she was young, they attended everything she was involved in... When she wanted to play softball, our dad spent hours pitching balls to her and playing catch. When she was a cheerleader, mom and dad drug me to every basketball game, and I did my homework on the bleachers. When she was in jail after driving drunk, mom and dad bailed her out and helped her find treatment. She was taken on family vacations, encouraged to try things that interested her, and loved beyond measure. It was never enough. Yes, Medicaid has limits, but whenever Pam disagreed with a counselor or medical professional, she moved on to someone else. There was always some therapy that was going to be better and fix her. But as soon as she didnt like something, she left. We all encouraged her to volunteer somewhere, to find some purpose of she couldn't work, but she couldn't stick to anything. I am saddened by the life that could have been and never was. I agree that my sister was a caring soul, loved cats and all animals, and would give you the shirt off her back. But please recognize that her family tried to help her and always loved her.