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Thread: Ashley Hamm (35) was found deceased 13 months after she was last seen

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    Ashley Hamm (35) was found deceased 13 months after she was last seen

    Human remains found in Collin County are now believed to be a Grayson County woman who disappeared last year.

    Authorities found her in Indian Creek which runs from Trenton all the way to Farmersville. The remains were just outside of Fannin County near Blue Ridge. Right away, Collin County officials believed the remains belonged to Ashley Hamm, who was last seen alive 13 months ago less than 10 miles away near Leonard.

    Fannin County Sheriff's investigators and Texas Rangers met with Collin County Officials on scene on March 12th. DNA tests identified the remains as Ashley Hamm. The 35 year old was last seen alive in February last year.

    "We've always continued looking for Ashley and we've always hoped that we would find her in a different way than this," said Fannin County Sheriff, Mark Johnson.

    Officials say they believe the skeletal remains had been there for some time.

    "We're gonna do whatever we can to follow through with it and see that justice is served on this," said Johnson.

    Johnson says the case is being treated as a homicide.

    "They were relieved to have closure, that they finally could go to sleep that night know that it was their daughter, and quit worrying about where she's at, is she still alive, is she hurt," said Johnson.

    "We have some peace in knowing where she's at now. We've made it through because of all the friends and the people we work with and the whole community, the prayers that they've lifted us up. Continue to keep lifting us up," said Ashley's father, David Hamm.

    Hamm says the family hopes to hold a memorial service for her once the coronavirus pandemic ends.

    "She was always full of spirit. She loved her boys. We just want to remember her before the troubles and the addiction," said Hamm.

    Sheriff Johnson says they have some leads, but are asking the public for help. If you have any information you're asked to call the Fannin County Sheriff's Office at 903-583-2143.

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