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Thread: Tristan (13) and Blake Barrass (14) were strangled to death by their parents, who were half brother and sister in an incestious relationship

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    Tristan (13) and Blake Barrass (14) were strangled to death by their parents, who were half brother and sister in an incestious relationship

    A man and a woman have been charged with the murder of two boys aged 13 and 14 in Sheffield and will appear in court on Monday.

    The 37-year-old man and 34-year-old woman were arrested following a ?serious incident? which left four other children in hospital.

    South Yorkshire Police said the woman has also been charged with three counts of attempted murder

    So sad to read this, it's all over the news here in the UK.

    The woman is the mother of all 6 children. The youngest child taken to hospital is just 7 months old. Other news stations are saying the boys were poisoned, but it's also been in the news the other children were brought out to ambulances with bandages on.

    Only 30 minutes prior to police arriving one of the teen boys who died had messaged someone online to say he wouldn't be at school because he was sick. I am wondering if this is what alerted authorities and possibly saved his siblings lives... Entered to find out more details.

    RIP boys :(

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    So the parents tried to kill all 6 of their children?

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    It appears so Angiebla 😭

    There's a new article out today, the woman has been charged with two counts of murder and 3 counts of attempted murder so guessing the 4th count didn't meet the threshold, or she didn't attempt to murder one of them.

    The man has been charged with two counts of murder.

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    He may have been the father of only the one who didn't die and he didn't want the others. Think about Susan Smith, she killed her two boys to keep a man.

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    Yeah that crossed my mind too.

    They haven't formally named the suspects. But I found that this is the woman who has been charged, Sarah Barrass:

    She posted a ominous meme last year I'll find the screenshot.

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    Yeah right!

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    A couple in an incestuous relationship who murdered their two teenage sons and tried to kill their remaining four children have been jailed for life.

    Sarah Barrass, 35, and her partner, Brandon Machin, 39, who is also her half-brother, planned to kill their six children amid fears they would be taken into care. They were both sentenced on Tuesday to life in prison with a minimum term of 35 years.

    Tristan and Blake Barrass, aged 13 and 14 respectively, died after being strangled by the pair at a property in the Shiregreen area of Sheffield on 24 May.

    A court heard that, prior to the killings, Barrass and Machin had given their four eldest “terrified” children tablets used to treat ADHD against their will. When the tablets did not work, Barrass – who declared: “I gave them life. I can take it away” – searched online for other ways to kill her children, including suffocation, strangulation and drowning.

    The court was told Barrass then strangled Tristan with her dressing gown cord and Machin then strangled Blake with his hands.

    The pair also tried to kill one of the younger children by attempting to drown them in a bath.

    Barrass and Machin had each admitted two counts of murder, conspiracy to murder six children, and five counts of attempted murder.

    In sentencing, Mr Justice Goss told Barrass: “You considered [that] your love for them and fear of being parted from them entitled you to take their lives as well as your own.”

    The prosecutor, Kama Melly, told Sheffield crown court that Machin was Barrass’s half-brother – both had the same mother – but the pair had a sexual relationship.

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    "I gave them life, I can take it away."

    Oh, the many times my mom said this to me growing up....

    But unlike this mom, it was just an empty threat.

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    Ewwwwww, man, what the frackkkkk?

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