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Thread: Jennifer Sahr (32) arrested in the cold case death of Baby Boy Horry in December 2008 through DNA evidence

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    Jennifer Sahr (32) arrested in the cold case death of Baby Boy Horry in December 2008 through DNA evidence

    A woman accused of abandoning her baby boy in 2008 beside a South Carolina highway was denied bond Friday morning.

    Judge Larry Hyman declined to set bond for Jennifer Sahr, 32, of Pensacola, Florida, but said he'd be open to changing his decision at her next hearing, news outlets reported.

    Sahr, formerly Jennifer Rickel, was arrested Tuesday and charged with homicide by child abuse in the death of her infant, who was dubbed Baby Boy Horry.

    Authorities said at the time that utility workers found the baby's body in a bag thrown into a ditch beside a route in Horry County on Dec. 4, 2008. Officials said the infant was less than two days old and would have survived with proper care.

    Solicitor Jimmy Richardson said police identified the infant's father, who didn't know he was a dad. The man gave investigators Sahr's name and DNA tests confirmed she was the infant's mother.

    The father didn't want to be identified but said the infant was his only child.

    ?I would like to ask for privacy and respect for my family and I as we grieve over the death of my first and only born child and son,? the father said. ?I would like to thank everyone involved in bringing justice to my baby boy."

    Hyman said prosecutors haven't decided what charge they will seek against Sahr. He said the charges could include murder with a possible death penalty sentence.

    A Florida resident said he was shocked to hear his neighbor, Jennifer Sahr, was arrested in North Myrtle Beach for an infant's homicide, according to a reporter with our Sinclair sister station WEAR in Pensacola, Florida.

    William Johnson, a neighbor of Sahr, said her family moved to Pensacola about a year ago. Sahr has a husband and two children, according to her attorney.

    Johnson added Sahr's husband works in the military and the family moved from the San Diego area.

    "I mean it's just a nice couple, two young kids. We were really enjoying the kids, and we were just shocked. We still can't believe it. We can't believe it's happened," he said.

    Horry County police announced Tuesday that they have DNA evidence linking Baby Boy Horry to Sahr, claiming she is the mother. Police arrested Sahr the same day, even though her attorney said she was going to turn herself in peacefully.

    'Baby Boy Horry' Horry County police press conference, March 3, 2020. (WPDE)

    RELATED: Attorney for accused 'Baby Boy Horry' mother describes events leading up to arrest

    Utility workers found Baby Boy Horry in a tote bag off Meadowbrook Drive off Highway 544 on Dec. 4, 2008.

    Johnson said he lived in his Pensacola home for 40 years. He described Sahr as "nice and friendly."

    HCPD said she was a Coastal Carolina University student at the time of the 2008 incident.

    "In fact, I think her degree was in early childhood development. She is just so good with the kids she has now. We just can't... we just can't believe it," Johnson said.

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    I wonder how they found the father? Familial DNA or CODIS? Obviously she hid the pregnancy. I wonder if she's been looking over her shoulder for the past 12 years, or did she think she was safe as long as she didn't do an Ancestry DNA test. How is she going to explain to her other children that she killed their big brother?
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