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Thread: Paisley Cogsdill (7) died during a tonsilectomy surgery

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    Paisley Cogsdill (7) died during a tonsilectomy surgery

    A 7-year-old South Carolina girl died one minute into surgery to remove her tonsils, her parents told CNN affiliate WHNS.

    Paisley Cogsdill snored in her sleep but was perfectly healthy, relatives said, according to WHNS. But her heart suddenly stopped during the operation in Greenwood on Friday.

    "Going into surgery, she had no fear," her grandmother, Mary Beth Truelock, told WHNS. "She was smiling and happy. Nothing was wrong."

    A straight-A second grader, Paisley was an active little girl, according to her obituary, and had an attitude full of joy "in everything she did, from playing T-Ball and Softball to performing Hip-Hop dance routines and gymnastics programs with her friends at the Dance Shop and Dance South."

    Paisley's parents are hoping autopsy results will offer more insight into her death, WHNS reported.

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    I?m guessing she had a reaction to the anesthesia?

    This is terrible and sad.

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    I assume so. And this is probably the first time she ever underwent anesthesia so there wouldn't have been any history. Very sad.
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    My guess would also be reaction to anesthesia - like malignant hypothermia.

    Beautiful child - her family must be devastated. So very sad.
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    When I was a kid they were yanking kids' tonsils out left and right. Thankfully they've since figured out how serious it is to do the procedure. I used to get strep throat at least 3 to 4 times per year and they begged and pleaded to remove mine. I was lucky enough to have a R.N. for a Mom that refused to let then get their hands on me.

    Very sad. This does sound like it was the Anesthesia and it wouldn't matter what procedure it was in that case. Poor girl
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