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Thread: Cieha Taylor (28) missing from Plant CIty, Fl since 2/6/2020

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    Cieha Taylor (28) missing from Plant CIty, Fl since 2/6/2020

    A Dade City woman is missing and her family is looking for answers as to why her car was found abandoned just outside of Plant City.

    ?She was dropping the boyfriend off. The boyfriend and his friend were the last people to see her as far as we know,? said Porshia Taylor.

    Authorities tell 8 On Your Side Cieha Taylor was leaving a home around the corner on Cowart Road on Feb. 6 in the late afternoon. Early that evening family says a law enforcement officer found her black 2000 Toyota Solaris sitting empty on some railroad tracks; the engine running. It was moved to the side of the road a few feet, turned off, and left with the Cieha?s things inside.

    ?Her keys, her phone, her license, her debit card, everything was in her vehicle. If anyone knows Cieha, Cieha never leaves her cell phone,? said Cieha?s sister-in-law Porshia.

    Hillsborough detectives came out four days later after family called for help.

    ?The friend found the vehicle, reached out to my mother-in-law, ?hey. Anything weird with Cieha? Have you talked to her? Her car was just found abandoned on the side of the road,'? recalls Porshia.

    Deputies have questioned the last person to have seen the 28-year-old; her boyfriend, but as of right now they have no leads.

    Family and friends have searched the area several times; including the woods near the railroad tracks. They?re asking if anyone has seen Cieha or knows what may have happened to reach out to the Hillsborough County Sheriff?s Office. The number to call is 813-247-8200.

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