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Thread: 29 killed and many injured in shooting spree in Korat/Thailand

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    29 killed and many injured in shooting spree in Korat/Thailand

    No thread yet? Ok. The numbers are varying, but in the most recent article I found it says 29 people were killed in a shooting that took place over the weekend in Korat/Thailand. This is the worst mass shooting in Thailand's history. I will try and add the social media profiles to the victim's descriptions.


    Final Moments of Korat Shooting Victims Show a Pattern of Sacrifice
    Teeranai Charuvastra, News Chief -
    February 12, 2020 10:00 am

    NAKHON RATCHASIMA ? Among the 29 victims killed by a disgruntled soldier in Korat over the weekend were a police officer who tried to block the killer?s path with his truck, a mall guard who bought time for shoppers to escape, and a woman who used her body as a shield for her daughter.

    While Thailand?s worst mass shooting in history will be forever marked by its random, senseless acts of brutality, emerging details on some of the victims also show a pattern of sacrifice amid one of the darkest episodes of this country.

    The dead include mothers, sons, police officers, soldiers, a motorcycle taxi, a pizza deliverer ? ordinary civilians and civil servants whose lives were shattered on a Buddhist holy day that commemorated the first time Lord Buddha gathered hundreds of his disciples and taught them to be community of compassion and selfless dedication.

    Due to the difficulty in gathering information and respect for families of the victims in the aftermath of a national tragedy, this article could not publish full details of each victim. If any reader has additional info on the victims that deserves public attention, please drop us a message via emails or our social media platforms.

    Additional reporting Asaree Thaitrakulpanich and Tappanai Boonbandit.


    Captain Trakoon Ta-arsa, 34

    Trakoon was a member of the police?s elite Arintaraj 26 task force who spent over 10 hours trying to locate and neutralize the gunman. Police said Trakoon was shot dead while battling the perpetrator inside Terminal 21 shopping mall.

    Born in the province of Chiang Rai, Trakoon joined the police when he was 23, serving in the border patrol force. His decision to join is said to be largely inspired by his father, a retired soldier who once served along Thailand?s border region. Trakoon?s younger brother is also enrolled in the police academy.

    ?I told my son when he was a kid ? about shootouts with bad people along the border,? Cpl. Guan Ta-arsa said. ?My son liked to listen to those stories, and he wanted to become a police officer, so he can fight bad people, too.?

    ?Even though I am proud that my son sacrificed for his country, but if I could choose, I?d rather have my son back,? his mother Piansri Ta-arsa told reporters. ?If next life really existed, I wanted him to be my son again.?

    Trakoon and his teammate Petcharat Kamchadphai were the first officers of Arintarat 26 to be killed in action since the unit?s founding in 1983.


    Athiwat ?Dear? Promsuk, 18

    Athiwat was hiding in a cold storage room inside a supermarket at Terminal 21 when the gunman tried to break into the room. Eyewitnesses said Athiwat barred the door and allowed eight others to escape ? at the cost of his own life.

    Athiwat?s classmate Umakorn Thaimanee, who was also in the mall that day, said he was chatting with him on Line application, asking him about the situations, until Athiwat went silent around 8pm.

    ?He?s the hero that saved eight people?s lives,? Umakorn said. ?He was bullied at school sometimes, but he never got mad. He got good grades and was a good person. When I found out, I fell to my knees and cried.?

    Dear?s mother Anong Somwung, worked as a janitor at the mall. She was also stuck inside the mall during the shooting. Athiwat reportedly used video calls and text messages to urge her to escape.

    She did, and waited for him at the gas station across from the mall. She found out the next morning that her son wouldn?t be joining her.

    ?I was so shocked when I found out he was dead. I didn?t know what to do. I don?t know why he had such bad luck; I had hoped he would be able to come out and see me,? Anong, 47, said at her son?s funeral Sunday in their hometown of Buriram.


    Sen. Sergeant Major Chatchawan Thaengthong, 50

    Chatchawan was among the first group of policemen to confront the gunman soon after reports of shootings at the base spread over the police radio. He worked as a crime suppression officer at Korat city police station.

    According to eyewitnesses, Chatchawan drove a police vehicle to block the road in front of a temple in an attempt to stop the suspect from leaving the area, drawing a hail of gunfire from the gunman. Chatchawan was killed at the scene.

    Chatchawan?s younger brother Pornthep Thaengthong said he first found out about his death after reading the news. Chatchawan is survived by a 6-year-old daughter.

    ?She still doesn?t know her father is dead,? Pornthep said on Sunday. ?My family told her that her father is receiving treatment after falling off his motorcycle.?

    His wife Nattha Rattanarak described him as a friendly man and a serious, hardworking police officer. Chatchawan?s last words to his wife were a text message saying he bought a noodle to share with her that evening.


    Apiksanapa Khanpakwan, 45

    After the gunman shot Athiwat dead and forced his way into the cold storage room, Apiksanapa Khunpakwan shielded her daughter with her own body, saving the girl?s life while sacrificing her own.

    She worked as a nurse and was at the mall to pick up her Matthayom 5 daughter from tutor school. They were about to sit down for dinner when they heard gunshots, and tried to flee.

    Apisana?s father, Khunpol Khanpakwan, said that the last message he got from her was ?It?s so cold here.?

    ?At first I was relieved because there was only one gunman. I thought the security officers would take him down soon,? Khunpol recalled the moment he heard about the shootings. ?I didn?t know my daughter was [hiding] so close to the villain.?

    She is survived by her 17-year-old daughter, who remains in hospital due to gunshot wounds. Doctors are reportedly administering her with sleeping pills to help her cope with the sight of her own mother dying.

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    WTF is this bullshit?! First it says the post is too long, so I separated it and when I wanted to post the rest it said it was too short?! Uhm, no?! Ok, whatever. I'm sorry I cannot post the rest of the names and stories, but here's the source:

    And here are the names with the FB profiles:

    Captain Siriwiwat Saengprasit, 56

    Narisara Chotiklang, 52

    Suriya, 44, Papatchara, 20, and Porrama Limratchataporn, 2

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