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Thread: Morgan Amaya (22) was shot and stuffed into a suitcase

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    Morgan Amaya (22) was shot and stuffed into a suitcase

    Police investigating an alleged kidnapping and sexual assault found a different woman's body stuffed in a suitcase at a home in Las Vegas.

    The incident started Wednesday when a woman told Las Vegas police that she had been kidnapped and sexually assaulted at a residence by the suspect later identified as Gary Walker, 55.

    When detectives went to the home, they were notified Walker had allegedly killed another woman at the same residence, and found a gruesome scene.
    "... Homicide detectives responded to the residence where a deceased female was found in a suitcase," Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department said in a statement Thursday.

    The victim was identified Friday as Morgan Amaya, 22. The cause of death was a gunshot wound to the head, said Clark County Coroner's Office specialist Candace Caterer.

    It's unclear who told detectives that a woman was killed at the residence. Walker was arrested Wednesday on charges of murder, kidnapping, assault with a deadly weapon and sexual assault, according to online records from the Clark County Detention Center.

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    The man accused of murdering a 22-year-old woman is also accused of sexually assaulting and kidnapping another woman, according to an arrest report released by Metro. The report details the night the murder suspect, 55-year-old Gary Walker, sexually assaulted a woman after shooting and killing her recent acquaintance, 22-year-old Morgan Amaya.

    Walker then forced the second victim, who is not identified by Metro in the arrest report, to help him hide Morgan Amaya’s body in a suitcase.

    Morgan died from a gunshot wound to the head, according to the Clark County coroner. Her body was found wrapped in garbage bags and stuffed inside a suitcase.

    Metro arrested Walker after he showed up to the Regional Justice Center on Feb. 5 with the other young woman, a day after the shooting. The woman was able to alert a court marshall that she needed help, which led officials to Morgan’s body.

    According to the report, the victim and Amaya had just met each other on Feb. 4. The two used Amaya’s phone to call her roommate, Gary Walker, who agreed to come pick them up.

    Walker reportedly drove the two women to his apartment and then left to go to work. The victim told police her and Amaya drank quite a bit and passed out on the couches in the living room.

    Once Walker got home from work, the two girls woke up, and they all began drinking together, according to the arrest report. The victim said Walker became intoxicated and he began arguing with Amaya.

    Walker was described as “becoming aggressive” with Amaya and the two were reportedly physically and verbally fighting.

    The report said that Walker left the apartment and came back. The victim noticed he had a gun in his jacket pocket as he continued to argue with Amaya. He then pulled the gun out and pointed it at Amaya, the report said.

    Amaya and Walker fell to the floor wrestling when the victim heard a gunshot. She ran to hide in the apartment’s laundry room, but Walker found her and ordered her to walk into the bedroom and get undressed.

    According to the report, Walker forced the woman at gunpoint to perform sexual acts with him, multiple times throughout the night. He then stopped and told the victim to get dressed and help him clean up the blood in the living area.

    Walker forced the woman to help him place Amaya’s body in multiple garbage bags and a blanket before putting her body in a suitcase, the report said.

    After the body was hidden in the suitcase, Walker again instructed the victim to take off all of her clothing. She again explained to police that Walker had the gun with him the entire time and she “never felt like she would be able to get away,” and was “constantly afraid he would shoot her.”

    The report says that the victim lied to Walker and told him she had a court date in the morning, on Feb. 5, and he agreed to take her. While at the Regional Justice Center, the woman alerted a court marshall to what was happening.

    Walker was arrested for sexual assault and transported to LVMPD Headquarters. The woman was transported to UMC to receive an examination.

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    Did she really have a court date, or was that just quick thinking on her part?
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