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Thread: Stupid Criminals thread

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    Stupid Criminals thread

    I thought we had a stupid criminals thread. Not finding one, so I'm putting this here for your reading pleasure.

    The man accused of robbing a Rapid City knife store at gunpoint Monday now faces an arson charge while his getaway driver ? a sex offender who was wearing a court-ordered ankle monitor ? is facing multiple charges.

    Daniel Kline, a 19-year-old from Rapid City, is charged with first-degree robbery and first-degree arson, according to a Wednesday news release from the Rapid City Police Department.

    Kline was charged with robbery after allegedly using a gun to steal cash from the M & K Knifeworx store in Rushmore Mall. The arson charge stems from allegedly setting fire Tuesday evening to the attic of a home on the 700 block of St. Cloud Street as law enforcement worked to arrest him.

    Police identified Matthew Sullivan as the getaway driver after interviewing the 31-year-old Rapid City man and examining data from his ankle monitor, the news release says. Sullivan was arrested and charged with being an accessory to first-degree robbery, a parole violation, and being a sex offender who failed to register a new address and employment status.

    The arrest leaves police searching for two other suspects after the city was hit with three armed robberies within an hour Monday. One suspect used a knife to steal items from the south side Walmart, while the other used a gun to steal prescription medication from Boyds Drug Mart on East Saint Patrick Street.

    The robbery at the knife store was reported around 3:50 p.m. Monday, the news release says. Police officers spoke with a store employee who said a man walked up to him at the checkout counter, displayed a gun and demanded money. The worker said he complied before running to another store to call 911.

    Police believe Kline fled through the back door of the Knifeworx store, the release says, and surveillance video shows the suspect getting into a white Volkswagen.

    Sandy Brockhouse, mall manager, told the Journal that the mall's security manager said it was the first armed robbery he's seen in his 20 years working there.

    Officers spotted the suspect vehicle parked near the Motel 6 on Latrobe Avenue around 1:20 p.m. Tuesday, the news release says. They made contact with the occupants of the room associated with the vehicle. Sullivan agreed to speak with officers who determined he drove Kline to and from the mall.

    An analysis of Sullivan's ankle monitor corroborated this information. Detectives searched the Volkswagen and found an airsoft pistol and black bandanna that matched descriptions of what Kline used and wore during the robbery.

    Police obtained a search warrant after learning that Kline likely had ties to a home on the 700 block of Saint Cloud Street, the release says. The Rapid City-Pennington County Special Response Team was brought to serve the warrant due to Kline's history of violence and since he may have been armed.

    The SRT, which is similar to a SWAT unit, arrived around 8 p.m. and began communicating with the people inside the home with a loud speaker, according to the release. Kline refused to come outside, but others were safely evacuated.

    Multiple neighbors told the Journal that they heard loud noises and saw flashes. Police spokesman Brendyn Medina confirmed that SRT used "diversionary devices" meant to distract the suspect, but he would not say exactly what the device is called.

    "At some point during the communication with the suspect, he made it very clear that his intentions were to burn the house down," Medina said near the arrest scene Tuesday evening.

    Officers saw smoke coming from the house and Kline soon walked outside to surrender, the release says. The Rapid City Fire Department then began putting out the fire, which began in the attic.
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