Family members identified the teenager shot and killed on Tuesday at Bellaire High School as 19-year-old Cesar Cortez.

Another student shot Cortez in the chest around 4 p.m. inside the JRTOC supply room, police said. The 16-year-old suspect and another person connected to the case were arrested hours after the shooting.

The suspected gunman was charged with manslaughter Wednesday morning and was moved to the Harris County Juvenile Probation Center, police said. The suspect?s charges could be upgraded as the investigation unfolds.

The second person arrested, also a teenager, was released without charges.

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His uncle called Cortez ?a natural leader? and said ?he was extremely excited uh and pumped about going to the army later in the year.?

?He had already signed up,? Cesar Diaz said. ?That was his biggest thing and he was extremely focused in doing that.?

?The reason it?s been such a huge pain is due to the fact that he was so focused in what he was doing,? Diaz also said. ?He had no enemies, he was a good kid.?

The Bellaire High School JROTC confirmed that Cortes was a member. A friend said he enlisted in the army with Cortes and that they were scheduled to leave June 29.

?The family is extremely distraught,? Diaz said. ?It?s a whirlwind for everybody.?

Classes at Bellaire High School were canceled on Wednesday. A vigil will be held Wednesday night at 7:30 p.m. at at Evelyn?s Park (Great Lawn).

Junior ROTC member Cesar Cortes, 19, was killed in a classroom at the school by another JROTC member who was showing Cortez a semi-automatic handgun, Bellaire Police Lt. Greg Bartlett said. The 16-year-old shooter, who then fled, was taken into custody more than three hours later.

Bartlett said the accused shooter told friends what happened but has not cooperated with police. The gun has not been recovered, he said.

Harris County District Attorney Kim Ogg said the shooter was charged with manslaughter.

"They were friends,? Ogg said. ?This is not an accident because pulling a trigger on a gun, whether you know if it?s loaded or not, is an intentional act. But he did not, based on the evidence we have right now, intend to kill his friend.?