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Thread: Jesus Ruben Lopez Guillen (70) & Maria Teresa Lopez (65) found dead after traveling to Tijuana to collect rent from tenants; their son in law has been arrested

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    Jesus Ruben Lopez Guillen (70) & Maria Teresa Lopez (65) found dead after traveling to Tijuana to collect rent from tenants; their son in law has been arrested

    A couple based in southern California has been missing since last week after leaving for Mexico to collect rent checks from their tenants at properties they own in Tijuana, according to reports Tuesday.

    Jesus Ruben Lopez Guillen, 70, and his wife Maria Teresa Lopez, 65, left their home in Garden Grove, California, in Orange County in their pick-up truck Friday morning, Garden Grove Police Department Lt. Carl Whitney told Los Angeles? KNBC-TV. The couple was expected to return to California Friday afternoon. Their daughter reported them missing at about 7:10 p.m.

    The daughter told authorities she was tracking her parents using the Find My Phone app. She said the app showed her parents were at one of their properties in Tijuana. Despite this, she said a relative told her over the phone that no one was at that location when the family member went to check on them.

    The phone later stopped transmitting a signal. Police in Tijuana found the couple?s vehicle near the property, Whitney said. FBI and Mexican authorities have been notified about the search for the couple.

    The couple planned to arrive in Tijuana and first go to the bank to take out cash in pesos, EN24 reported, citing Raul Gutierrez, a spokesman for the Baja California Prosecutor?s Office in Mexico.

    The next stop was supposed to be the exchange house, where they were to change the money into U.S. dollars. The couple then planned to visit tenants in several houses in the Obrera neighborhood to collect rent in cash. Mexican authorities are still working to verify if the couple visited these locations, Gutierrez said.

    Garden Grove Police is asking anyone with information to call Detective Richard Desbiens at (714) 741-5810. The Baja California Prosecutor?s Office in Mexico also encourages those with knowledge of the couple?s whereabouts to call (664) 607-7332 and (664) 683-9646.

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    The bodies of a Garden Grove couple missing after visiting Tijuana were believed to have been found Friday and the couple’s son-in-law was arrested, according to Mexican authorities.

    Jesus Guillen, 70, and Maria Lopez, 68, drove their pickup truck into Tijuana to collect rent from their tenants and were supposed to return Friday Jan. 10, police said.

    When the couple didn’t return, their adult daughter became concerned and used a “Find My Phone” service to track down her parents. The app showed the couple was still at their property in Tijuana.

    The couple’s daughter was in Tijuana helping with the search.

    On Friday, Mexican authorities found two bodies buried in mud at the couple’s property. One of the bodies was identified as a male and are working to determine the sex of the second body.

    During a Friday press conference, Mexican authorities said they arrested a man identified as Santiago N. Mexican prosecutors said the suspect is the couple’s son-in-law, who was deported from the United States in 2012 after serving time in jail for theft. Investigators said they believe the suspect wanted to stage a kidnapping in order to collect ransom.

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    Well this isn't horrifying at all.

    Two other bodies have been discovered by Mexican officials on a property in Tijuana, one day day after the bodies of a missing Garden Grove couple were also found there.

    Jesus Guillen, 70, and Maria Lopez, 65, went missing after going to Tijuana on Jan. 10 to collect some $6,400 in rent from apartments they owned in the city, according to Baja California state prosecutor Hir?n S?nchez.

    Though they have yet to be identified by family members, Lopez and Guillen are believed to be dead following Friday's announcement that the bodies were found buried underneath the floor of the house. The bodies showed signs of violence, Sanchez said.

    On Saturday, investigators said the bodies of another man and woman were also uncovered and are in the process of trying to identify them.

    The couple's son-in-law, identified as Santiago, is being held in connection with their death. Authorities said the preliminary investigation suggested the motive was a monetary dispute over rent payments.

    S?nchez said the son-in-law had already been charged with disappearance of people and would now be charged with murder. He said the man had a criminal record in the U.S. and was deported in 2012.

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