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Thread: Todt family slaying: Dad in custody after family found dead in Disney World community

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    Quote Originally Posted by puzzld View Post
    What boggles me is the fact he was just sitting there with the corpses. Kill yourself too, or run away... either makes sense, but not this.

    Of course I'll never understand how it makes sense to kill the kids and that cute little dog. :(
    I?m worried his defense attorney will argue him doing this is a sign of mental illness.

    I don?t know if anyone saw, but up thread I mentioned his dad tried to kill his mom. His dad was thought to be a psychopath and that can be genetic. I don?t think this guy is crazy-he was just too broke to get away.

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    The state will seek the death penalty against the Celebration man accused of killing his wife and three children, State Attorney Aramis Ayala announced Tuesday.

    Ayala, who announced in 2017 that she would not seek the death penalty in Orange and Osceola county cases, said her office’s death penalty review panel decided unanimously that the state should seek the death penalty against Anthony Todt.

    “The death penalty review panel is completely separate from my professional assessment,” Ayala said.

    Ayala said a grand jury in Osceola County decided Tuesday that Todt’s original charges of second-degree murder should be upgraded to first-degree murder.

    “We are going to absolutely do what we can to make sure justice is served as we go through this process," Ayala said. "I hope they will find some semblance of peace in this process. knowing for certain we are standing with them. We are standing with community to make certain that justice is served.”

    Ayala said Todt is now facing four counts of capital murder and one count of animal cruelty.

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