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Thread: Texas man charged with murder after stuffing girlfriend?s baby (Marion Jester-Montoya, 10mo) in backpack

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    Texas man charged with murder after stuffing girlfriend?s baby (Marion Jester-Montoya, 10mo) in backpack

    A Texas man allegedly killed his girlfriend?s daughter by stuffing her in a backpack while he went to work and ran errands, authorities said.

    Trevor Rowe, 27, of Lubbock was arrested Wednesday in connection with the murder of 10-month-old Marion Jester-Montoya, the Abilene Reporter News reported.

    Rowe brought the baby Tuesday morning to his job site and ?crammed? her in a backpack, which he left on the floor of the car, according to an arrest warrant.

    He discovered at one point during the workday that Marion escaped, and put her back in the bag, the warrant said.

    Then, around lunchtime, Rowe checked on her and found she was ?lightly crying but breathing,? authorities said.

    Rowe then went to a fast-food drive-through, two stores and returned to work, where he placed the backpack with the baby inside in the trunk of his car, according to the warrant.

    Upon returning to the vehicle around 5 p.m., Rowe checked on Marion in the trunk and discovered that she was not breathing, authorities said.

    He called 911 and began CPR on the baby while waiting for authorities to arrive. She was brought to University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead, the report said.

    ?He knew that placing a person into a trunk was dangerous to human life,? the warrant said. ?Rowe advised that placing someone into a backpack was even more dangerous.?

    Rowe was booked on capital murder charges at Lubbock County Detention Center, where his bond is set at $2 million.

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    Can we go ahead and put a bullet between his eyes?
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    "he had Skittles so he could have made drugs".
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    What the fuck? That poor little girl

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