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Thread: Dominic Jefferson (31) was allegedly shot to death by Kendrick Marquette Akins (39) days after he proposed to her

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    Dominic Jefferson (31) was allegedly shot to death by Kendrick Marquette Akins (39) days after he proposed to her

    A Texas man has been charged with the murder of a woman he'd proposed to just days earlier, her family says.

    Kendrick Marquette Akins, 39, made Dominic Jefferson his fianc?e on New Year's Eve after three months of dating, her family told CNN affiliate KTRK.

    Just days later, on Saturday, he allegedly shot a woman he was dating after an argument, the Houston Police Department said in a statement. Her family told the affiliate Jefferson was the victim.

    Officers responded to a shooting call at an apartment complex in Houston and a witness believed the victim's boyfriend fled the scene, police said.

    A witness told the officers Akins appeared to leave but then came back and confronted a "concerned citizen" who was trying to help the woman, the department said. Akins fired a shot at the direction of the citizen and then fled, a witness told officers.

    "Akins surrendered to officers at the HPD Northeast Police Station. He was questioned by detectives and subsequently charged in the shooting," the department said.

    Kendrick Akins allegedly shot Dominic Jefferson in the parking lot of her apartment complex close to midnight on Saturday night after witnesses say they engaged in an argument, according to ABC News? Houston station KTRK.

    A witness who saw the confrontation at the Holly View Apartments in Harris County, Texas, was also allegedly shot at when they ran to help Jefferson after she had been shot.

    ?I want to know why. Why? Why would you do this. You said you loved her. You proposed to her on New Year?s Eve and now today you kill her? Why?? said Jefferson?s sister in an interview with KTRK.

    Akins fled the scene of the crime but turned himself into the police close to 12 hours later where he was questioned, arrested and then charged with her murder.

    A spokesperson from the Houston Police Department homicide division released a statement obtained by KTRK.

    ?Officers responded to a shooting call at an apartment complex at the above address and were advised a woman was shot following an argument with her boyfriend (Akins). A witness believed the victim's boyfriend fled the scene. However, the boyfriend returned and confronted a concerned citizen who attempted to assist the injured woman. The witness and concerned citizen stated the boyfriend fired another shot in the direction of the citizen, before fleeing the scene on foot.?

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    A man squabbled with his fianc?e about car issues before he fatally shot her in the chest at his northwest Houston apartment complex, days after proposing, according to details released late Saturday in a probable cause hearing.

    Kendrick Akins, 39, is accused of shooting and killing his 33-year-old fianc?e, identified by family members as Dominic Jefferson, last Friday outside an apartment in the 5500 block of Holley View Drive.

    Akins reportedly turned himself into authorities Saturday, and he has since been charged with murder and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. His bond was set at $150,000 for the murder charge, and $75,000 for the aggravated assault charge.

    Akins has since asked a magistrate to be placed in protective custody because he fears retaliation from the victim’s family members, some of whom are in the jail, according to a public defender representing Akins during Saturday’s hearing.

    “The (victim) has brothers in jail, and I guess there have been Facebook posts indicating that once he hits the floor, they plan on attacking him,” the public defender said. “He’s just asking the court to take that into consideration.”

    Akins proposed to the woman on New Year’s Eve. According to earlier reports in the Houston Chronicle, Jefferson’s sister broadcast the engagement via Facebook Live. The sister has since expressed her confusion publicly.

    “He just proposed to her in front of the whole world,” the woman told reporters on the scene. “I want to know why. Why would you do this? You say you loved her.”

    Around the time of the shooting, Jefferson was with an unidentified woman outside Akins’ apartment. They intended to take Jefferson’s car to pick up the woman’s boyfriend from work. The car wouldn’t start, and Akins walked outside asking about the problem, prosecutors said. Jefferson reportedly yelled “don’t touch my car,” and an argument ensued.

    At one point, Akins reached for his gun. Witnesses heard Jefferson said “Go ahead, shoot me.” Akins then pointed the pistol at her chest and fired once, prosecutors said.

    On the scene, the man spoke to a witness before he encountered Akins, who screamed at the man before firing at least one shot in his direction, prosecutors said. The neighbor dove into nearby bushes and played dead, hoping the gunman would flee.

    Akins then grabbed his fianc?e’s cellphone and ran away, prosecutors said.

    Akins has faced two previous felony convictions in Harris County, one in 2008 for aggravated assault and another in 2015 for felon in possession of a weapon.

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