A Utah woman who was on a work trip in Florida has gone missing, authorities say.

Kelly Glover was last seen wearing a white shawl, with socks and no shoes, on hotel security footage heading to the exit stairs, her husband told reporters, adding there is no footage of her outside or leaving the hotel.

Glover, 37, of Holladay, Utah, had been staying with a friend at the Westin Fort Lauderdale. She was in Florida on a trip related to her job, FOX 13 reported.

?Her friend went to bed early," Bremer said, according to Salt Lake City's KSL-TV. "My wife was still up and her friend woke up around 4 a.m., and my wife was nowhere to be found and the door was left open.?

Bremer told reporters his wife left behind her phone and purse.

"She left it in the room and that?s the last we?ve seen of her,? he said, according to Miami's WPLG-TV.

Bremer said hotel security footage shows Glover in her pajamas and socks in a back stairwell headed for an exit around 2 a.m. Thursday.

"As far as I know there is no evidence that she's left the hotel," her cousin, Ryan Glover, said, according to KSL.

Bremer said he knew something was wrong when he hadn't heard from her in the morning.

"She's pretty responsive," he said, KSL reported. "I usually get up before her and I send her the first message in the morning and not one morning has gone by where I haven't heard from her by 9 o'clock."

?I can confirm a report was made for the missing person, detectives are investigating and following up on any leads they get but have no other details other than she has not been recovered at this time," Fort Lauderdale Police Department Detective Tracy Figone said, according to KSL.

Police dive teams searched a nearby body of water, and they've also used helicopters and dogs to try to find her, FOX 13 reported.