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Thread: 'You can't bring him back': Omaha father says 3-month-old son (Ky'rie Luster) died of the flu

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    'You can't bring him back': Omaha father says 3-month-old son (Ky'rie Luster) died of the flu

    OMAHA, Neb. ? Bobby Luster told KETV he was looking forward to spending two weeks with his 3-month-old son, Ky'rie. His son's mother lives in Iowa and dropped the baby off to Luster the day after Christmas and immediately the child appeared sick.

    "We just thought that he had a cold," Luster said. "So we treated it like it was a cold and when I took him to a clinic we just got stuff for a cold."

    Luster says Ky'rie was doing better week later, when put the boy down for a nap.

    "He was asleep for like 15 minutes and I went to go check on him, he wasn't responsive," said Luster.

    Paramedics rushed Ky'rie to Nebraska Medicine, Luster said doctors did tests on the 3-month-old and diagnosed him with influenza-A. Health officials tell KETV individuals can't get the flu shot until they're at least 6-months-old, Ky'rie was too young.

    "The mucus stopped his breathing because it all clogged up," Luster said. "So it pretty much suffocated him. [Ky'rie] not having oxygen to the brain for 15 minutes gave him a brain injury. When they tested him his brain wasn't doing any activity."

    "We kept asking the doctor what was her opinion and her experience," said Keisha Willis, Luster's mother. "She said most likely he wasn't going to pull through being so young."

    Ky'rie had no brain activity for several days. Eventually Luster had to be the one to let his only child go on Sunday.

    Luster added, "He's gone, it's like you can't bring him back from that." The teen added, "I had so many things I wanted to do with him and it's like him being taken away so early is heartbreaking for me."

    A week later the baby was rushed to the hospital and doctors diagnosed him with Influenza-A. Sadly, the baby died on Sunday at the hospital.

    Luster has a warning for anyone with young children.

    "Watch who you bring around your child and wash hands," Luster added. "Keep them quarantined this time of year. Anything can happen, so keep an eye out with who's around child and what you bring around them."

    Luster set up a GoFundMe account to assist with Ky'rie funeral expenses, those interested in donating can click here.

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