A local family has put up three billboards and is offering $25,000 to anyone with information that could lead to finding a man who went missing over a decade ago.

On December 26, 2009, then 57-year-old Larry Riegel, never showed up to his family's the day after Christmas dinner. The family has been left in the dark searching for answers ever since.

"We're not letting people forget about Larry. That's why it [billboards] says, 'Remember me.' And it brings back memories to a lot of people," said Terry Jarvis, Riegel's brother-in-law. "They all look at it and say that's Larry. A lot of people in this town knew Larry."

The cost of the billboards isn't cheap. The Riegel family said they spend upwards of $900 each month. Plus, the unmeasurable emotional toll of not knowing what happened to Larry.

"All we can do is hope that maybe someone who sees this or reads that knows something," Jarvis said. "We'd like to have closure. We'd like to know where Larry is."

While the family grieves, the investigation moves along slowly. But one former detective continues to help them search.

"I would love to be able to find him so she [Riegel's 90-year-old mother] can know for certain what happened and so she can put that behind her and give her peace of mind," said Nolan Wentz, a former detective at the Yakima police department.

Wentz went on to say he hit a number of road blocks during his investigation into Riegel, which included deaths of people of interest.

Despite retiring from YPD back in 2016, Wentz said he continues to investigate on behalf of the family and that he believes it's his duty to finish what he started.

Riegel's family encourages anyone with information regarding Larry's disappearance to go to the Yakima police.