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Thread: Father accidentally shoots, kills 9-year-old son (Colton Williams) while hunting in South Carolina

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    Father accidentally shoots, kills 9-year-old son (Colton Williams) while hunting in South Carolina

    A child accidentally shot by his dad while hunting in Orangeburg County, South Carolina, has died.

    Colton Williams, 9, died in Springfield, South Carolina, according to the South Carolina Department of Natural Resources.

    Family members said Williams was out rabbit hunting with his dad and a family friend on Thanksgiving when he was accidentally shot by his dad.

    Williams was a fourth-grader who went to Kelly Edwards Elementary School in Williston.

    "It is with great sadness that we share news of the passing of one of our beloved fourth grade KEES scholars, Colton Williams," the school district wrote on its Facebook page. "Please join in with the KEES/Williston School District 29 family as we lift the family in prayer."

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    How do you accidentally shoot your kid while hunting? IF you take a kid hunting, you make them wear orange safety gear, you keep them close at your side the whole time. I am side eyeing this story.

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    And what kind of caliber gun was he using? Why would you need more than a BB gun to kill rabbits? I don’t know these things because I hate hunting.

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