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Thread: Sarah Vinick (26) found floating in a creek almost two months after she went missing

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    Sarah Vinick (26) found floating in a creek almost two months after she went missing

    A man is coming forward, claiming he has information about what may have happened to a Collierville woman now missing for a week and a half.

    The man, who wanted to keep his identity hidden, said the night before 26-year-old Sarah Vinick disappeared, he brought her to Saint Francis Hospital after he said she blacked out.

    The man said he wants to speak out with hopes someone else will come forward with more information.

    ?She was a sweet girl,? he said. ?She was just all over the place. A wreck trying to figure out what she was going to do.?

    It?s been nine days since Vinick was last seen. Surveillance footage shows her getting into a dark colored pickup while leaving the AirBnB where she was staying Nov. 5.

    Family said she was staying at the home on Trondheim Drive in Cordova while she waited to move into her permanent home. They suspect foul play was involved in her disappearance.

    The man WREG spoke with said he was with Sarah the day before she disappeared. He says a friend of theirs theirs asked him to drive Sarah to court that morning.

    He says when they left, he made a stop by his house. When he got outside, he noticed Sarah was unresponsive.

    ?I was giving her CPR while going 80 miles per hour,? he said.

    He says he drove her to Saint Francis Hospital and by the time they arrived, she was awake.

    ?When she realized where we were, she started freaking out, and I told her, ?You?re awake and you?re fine. I?ll just drop you off at your AirBnB.? I just pulled up here to make sure you were OK.?

    He says Vinick then jumped out the car and took off running. Hours later he said he was notified that she got a ride from a stranger in a pickup.

    The day Sarah disappeared, he said she asked to stop by their mutual friend?s house, as her stay at her AirBnB was coming to an end. That friend declined.

    ?I hope she?s just out somewhere trying to drown her sorrows and not something worse,? the man said.

    Vinick?s mother said her daughter has a troubled past and they?ve been working to help her get back on her feet. She said they?ve hired a private investigator to look into her disappearance.

    Her mother released this statement:

    ?Our daughter Sarah is dearly loved & we are desperate to find her. We?re doing our best to retrace the moments leading up to her disappearance, but we?re still missing vital information. At this time, we suspect foul play, and believe someone may have information that is for whatever reason being withheld. We are offering a reward for information that will lead us to our daughter, and are asking for the owner of the dark truck that picked her up on Tuesday 11/5 to please come forward and aid us in this search.?

    If you know anything you are encouraged to contact police. A reward is available.

    Her friend's story seems sketchy to me.

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    Authorities have confirmed the body found in a Marshall County creek Tuesday was missing Collierville woman Sarah Vinick.

    Marshall County Coroner James Anderson confirmed to WREG the body found Dec. 24 in Coldwater Creek was 26-year-old Vinick, who was reported missing Nov. 5.

    WREG reported when the body was found that a family source believed it was Vinick's body.

    The woman's body was found floating in Coldwater Creek alongside Red Banks Road near Interstate 22 early Tuesday afternoon. Hunters walking through the woods made the discovery and notified law enforcement.

    Investigators said at the time they believed she was killed at another location, then brought to where she was found. Based on visible injuries to her body, investigators told WREG they thought she was beaten to death.

    When the body was found, family members were too upset to go on camera, but they, along with law enforcement, are asking for help finding the suspects.

    Private investigator Marti Miller has been working with the Vinick family since Sarah Vinick's disappearance, communicating with law enforcement and looking for leads.

    "They we’re hoping for the best. I can tell you that the family is devastated," Miller said. "All they wanted was to make sure that their baby was OK. Because even though she was grown, even though she had issues, that person is still their baby.”

    She said the person hurting most from Vinick's death is Sarah's 4-year-old daughter, who's currently in custody of Sarah's parents.

    “She is just the cutest little thing you ever saw," Miller said. "She’s happy. She’s friendly. She’s outgoing and she doesn’t have a clue what happened to mama. And they don’t want to tell her.”

    Miller said the truth will reveal itself, but it's going to take time.
    “DNA will come out," Miller said. "Will there be DNA on her body? I’m going to say probably not because she was in the water for so long. But somebody knows something, and eventually they’ll talk.”

    The cause of death is still under investigation pending the toxicology reports.

    If you know anything, call the Marshall County Sheriff's Department at 662-252-1311. Miller said she can also be contacted at 901-601-0522.
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