The family of missing Unicoi County man Lucas Vance spoke to News Channel 11 Wednesday and said it is as if he vanished from his home after coming in from a long day at work.

?The last two weeks have just been unreal,? Luc?s cousin Brandy Brinkley said. ?Every day it just gets harder because we just want to find Luc.?

More than two weeks after the last contact with Vance, his family wants everyone to know they?re not even close to giving up.

?At this point, everything is a possibility in my mind,? Vance?s first cousin Tara Higgins told News Channel 11.

Unicoi County Sheriff Mike Hensley said the 35-year-old business owner was last seen on Oct. 29 at his home on Marbleton Road.

The family says that Vance was spotted on security camera footage entering his home on the night of October 29.

The final contact anyone in the family has had with him was a text message that he sent the following forming at 1 a.m. with no indication of a problem.

When he did not show up at Maple Grove Restaurant, which he owns, the family grew concerned.

?He was gone. There?s no trace. No clues. There?s no leads. We have nothing. It?s truly like he just vanished,? Brinkley said. ?His cell phone was laying in the floor. But everything ? his driver?s license ? everything you would take with you that you need. It was all at his house.?

The family says they have been in contact with authorities who ended their search last Saturday, but the family isn?t stopping.

?I think he?s out there, but I don?t think he?s lost,? his daughter Addison said. ?I feel like somebody has him. ?Cause if he was out there he would already have come home because he has a business. I feel like somebody has him.?