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Thread: Linda Christine Tryon (42) missing from Athens, GA since 11/9/19

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    Linda Christine Tryon (42) missing from Athens, GA since 11/9/19

    Authorities in Athens are searching for a 42-year-old woman who disappeared after the game between the Georgia Bulldogs and Missouri.

    It's been four days since anyone has seen Linda Christine Tryon who was last seen in the Downtown Athens area during the game. The Athens-Clarke County Police Department has since released a photo of Tryon in hopes that someone will recognize her and call the police. Police haven't released any further details regarding the circumstances of her disappearance.

    Anyone who does have details about Tryon's location or her disappearance is asked to call the 911 non-emergency line at 706-613-3345 or Sgt. Thompson at 762-400-7103.

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    I'd like to see BF's story - below from FB comment...

    His story doesn't make a lick of sense. Dropped her off, does not know where, she doesn't have her purse, ID, or money AT A BAR? Wth is the purpose in going to a bar? I call horse chit.

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    on her FB page

    Cassondra Miller
    5 mins ?
    Linda Tryon has been found safe in Athens, GA!!There was no foul play. Thank you all for the prayers and sharing of her pictures and posts!! If we hadn’t done that we wouldn’t have found her.

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