An actress who plays a murderer in a low-budget horror film has been accused of shooting her uncle to death.

Aisling "Tucker" Moore-Reed was released on bail after she was arrested for allegedly shooting her uncle Shane Moore in Jackson City, Oregon.

Moore-Reed went on to audition for the leading role of "From the Dark" under the pseudonym "Wyn Reed."

Moore-Reed, 30, landed the leading role as Valerie Faust in the "rural murder-thriller" about a tour guide?s last day at work in the isolated mountains where things go wrong. In the film Faust and shoots someone to death.

As the movie was filming from April 2018 to July 2018, the investigation into the 63-year-old man's death continued. Moore-Reed?s defense team handed over her cellphone with a video she recorded of the encounter with Moore in order to provide evidence of self-defense, according to the Washington Post.

After the shooting, Moore-Reed hysterically cried, "I didn't mean to shoot him in the chest," according to a video originally posted by The Oregonian.

Moore-Reed?s mom, Kelly Moore, is a former California lawyer and also told The Washington Post her daughter acted in self-defense.

The Oregon-based production company, Siskiyou Productions, tells ABC News that they found out her real-life murder case on July 23, 2018 -- the day after they wrapped on principal photography.

The production company said they "believed her story and felt for her deeply" when they heard her self-defense claim. But, once they saw the cellphone footage that caused the charges to get upgraded to murder, the production company's "perspectives changed."