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Thread: Anesha Murnane (38) missing from Homer, AK since 10/17/19

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    Anesha Murnane (38) missing from Homer, AK since 10/17/19

    Thirteen minutes after noon on Oct. 17, Anesha Murnane walked out the door of her downtown Homer apartment wearing a blue windbreaker and jeans, a purse slung over her shoulder.

    Surveillance video captured her departure. The shy homebody had a 1 p.m. appointment at a medical clinic about a mile away.

    But Murnane, 38, never arrived at that appointment. She hasn?t been seen since.

    ?It?s like she vanished into thin air,? said her mother, Sara Berg of Homer.

    Ten days after she was last seen, a statewide search continues for the missing Homer woman, with frustratingly few clues to go on.

    The Homer Police Department has searched for Murnane on the ground and using a helicopter and scent-detection dogs, said police lieutenant Ryan Browning. Police have combed through her cell phone records, financial records and social media interactions.

    The department is working on the case ?nonstop? but knows little about what happened to Murnane, Browning said.

    ?Man, we have got nothing,? he said

    The current working theory is that Murnane entered a car somewhere in downtown Homer, though it isn?t clear exactly when, according to Browning.

    Multiple trained scent-detection dogs that searched the area stopped at the same spot -- indicating a car pickup, he said.

    Murnane is considered missing and at risk, according to a Silver Alert, issued for missing and vulnerable adults. There?s no evidence that Murnane was suicidal or trying to disappear on purpose, Browning said.

    Part of what?s so concerning is how unusual it would be for Murnane ? who doesn?t drive ? to get into a car with someone.

    ?She is able to care for herself,? Browning said. ?But this is so far outside any normal pattern of behavior for her.?

    ?She was happy, moving forward with her life?

    Anesha Murnane was born and raised in Homer, her mother said.

    She left Alaska to study Montessori early childhood education out-of-state, and spent time living in Oregon and Washington and traveling abroad to Australia and Honduras.

    Five years ago, while living out-of-state, Murnane experienced a health crisis that led to a psychological breakdown.

    ?She had a stressful life experience, and went into pretty severe mania,? her mother said.

    Her parents moved her back to Homer for treatment. She was eventually diagnosed with bipolar disorder, Berg said.

    In recent years, Murnane had been living a quiet life in a housing complex near Main Street and Lee Drive, just north of Homer?s busy commercial main drag, Pioneer Avenue.

    She?d been putting her life back together, and it seemed to be working: Her mental health had been stable and she was talking about moving out of assisted-living and looking for a job, Berg said.

    Murnane had plans to visit her mother in Mexico, where she spends her winters, in November.

    Her family believes her disappearance is not related to her history of mental illness. They see no evidence she was a danger to herself, or entering a manic state.

    ?She was doing fabulous. Happy, moving forward with her life,? Berg said.

    They can?t imagine Murnane, known by many in Homer by her childhood nickname ?Duffy," getting into a car with someone she didn?t know very well.

    Berg described her daughter as shy, deliberate, retiring and routine-oriented.

    ?She likes to cook and sew and just be home. She is not a risk-taker. She is not a partygoer, or a drug-doer. She is a quiet, sedate, sweet girl.?

    Berg believes her daughter has been abducted and is being held somewhere against her will.

    Murnane?s friends and family want people all over Alaska to be on the lookout for her: She is 5?11, weighs about 160 pounds and has blue eyes and brown hair.

    Anyone with information on Murnane can call the Homer Police Department at 907-235-3150 or Silver Alert hotline at 855-745-8799.

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    The search continues for missing Homer woman Anesha “Duffy” Murnane, 38.

    Murnane has been missing since Oct. 17 after she was last seen in a security camera image leaving her Main Street apartment. Murnane’s mother is Sara Berg and her step-father is Ed Berg.

    Ed Berg said in an email last week that the family might organize another canvass effort if the weather warms up, but that nothing has yet been scheduled.

    Homer Police Lt. Ryan Browning said the department continues to work with the FBI and Alaska State Troopers on the case.

    “It’s an active investigation.” he said. ” … It hasn’t gone away. We have had multiple people and multiple agencies who deal with this a lot. If it’s been thought of, it’s been covered. It is still a priority case.”

    Murnane’s family has added a $10,000 reward offered through Crimestoppers for any information leading to her return. Anonymous tips can be given to Crimestoppers by calling 907-283-8477. Information on the case is at the Peninsula Crime Stoppers page at

    She disappeared on Oct. 17 after leaving her Main Street apartment for an appointment at the SVT Health & Wellness clinic on East End Road. The last confirmed sighting is a security camera photo showing her leaving the Maintree Apartments, a supported housing complex, about 12:15 p.m. that day. Murnane had a 1 p.m. appointment at SVT Health and Wellness Center, about a 1-mile walk from her home. She did not show up for that appointment.

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    An investigator and family members have appealed to Homer residents for help in finding a woman who has been missing for nearly six months.

    The Homer Police Department is trying to find Anesha “Duffy” Murnane, who was last seen Oct. 17, The Homer News reported.

    The 38-year-old disappeared after leaving her Homer apartment on foot for a health clinic appointment about 1 mile away.

    She did not arrive and the last confirmed sighting of her was from a security camera photo showing her departing the housing complex around 12:15 p.m.

    The Homer police hired investigator Matt Haney for assistance with the case. The former lieutenant with the department has experience investigating missing person cases in other states.

    Haney appealed to anyone to come forward who may have seen Murnane in the days before she went missing.

    “I want to nail down what she was doing the week in her life before her disappearance,” Haney said. “That’s my major focus right now.”

    Haney hopes to speak with people who attended an Oct. 16 event at the Pratt Museum where Murnane is known to have been while her stepfather, Ed Berg, gave a presentation about Grewingk Glacier.

    Berg also received an award Oct. 12 at an annual Kachemak Heritage Land Trust fundraiser. Haney wants to find out whether Murnane attended the event and speak to attendees who may have seen her.

    Berg also issued an appeal for information. The event at the Pratt Museum was the last time Murnane would have had any social contact outside her apartment complex, he said in an email.

    “Who did she chat with at that meeting? Did she look OK? What did she say,” Berg wrote. “Even if you didn’t see or speak with Duffy, we would like to know if you were present. This is admittedly a long shot, but after five months, long shots are all we have left.”

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