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Thread: Rosemary Rodriguez (54) missing from Kilgore, TX since 10/8/19

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    Rosemary Rodriguez (54) missing from Kilgore, TX since 10/8/19

    From retracing commonly traveled roads, to passing out flyers, the search for a missing East Texas woman is well into its second week.

    The Gregg County Sheriff?s Office and other agencies are searching for 54-year-old Rosemary Rodriguez.

    She was reported missing last Tuesday.

    Stopping in to get more flyers printed, the family of Rodriguez has been working around the clock to get the word out to the public.

    "It's exhausting. Out all day long, get home late at night 10:30 -11 o'clock, next morning we're back out again 7:30-8 , all day long again. I'm out there looking," says Rosemary's mother Francis Messer.

    "There's not an hour of the day that we're not out on the road. We're driving, looking out the window," says sister Jenny Phillips.

    Rodriguez was last seen October 7, leaving a residence on Mount Pisgah road near Kilgore.

    She never called her family.

    ?That was our policy. She?d let us know wherever she was going, ?I made it, I?m safe, I?m okay,?? Francis says.

    Family was handing out flyers at the Kilgore Walmart that Rosemary worked.

    For the family there's no rest. They have worked tirelessly passing out flyers and searching on their own, wanting any news of what happened to Rosemary.

    Investigators have stepped up efforts to retrace areas she often drove.

    "As soon as they found routes that miss Rodriguez took on a regular basis, immediately starting going and checking those routes. Patrol has continued to do that daily," says Lieutenant Josh Tubb of the Gregg county sheriff's office.

    "Somebody knows something and all we want is for them to come forward," says Jenny.

    Rosemary needs medication for type 2 diabetes.

    The Gregg County Sheriff?s Office is asking that no one conduct a search of any area or property on their own, but rather call officers to search the area.

    The family announced they will hold a vigil at the Kilgore Walmart, Tuesday at 7 p.m.

    Investigators with the Gregg County Sheriff?s Office now believe that criminal activity may be involved in the disappearance of Rosemary Rodriguez.

    According to a post on the Gregg County Sheriff?s Office Facebook page, Crime Stoppers is offering a reward of up to $2,000 for any information that helps investigators locate Rodriguez, 54.

    Josh Tubb, a spokesman for the Gregg County Sheriff?s Office said that GCSO investigators have been looking into the case continuously since it was reported, and they have put many hours into the investigation.

    Rodriguez is described as being about 5-feet-4-inches tall and about 185 pounds.

    ?Rodriguez was last seen on Monday 10/07/2019 at approximately 6:45 P.M., leaving a residence in the Mt. Pisgah Road area of Kilgore, Texas,? the Facebook post stated. ?Rodriguez was last seen wearing a blue Walmart smock and blue pants.?

    According to the Facebook post, Rodriguez drives a green 2014 Chevrolet Sonic with an OU sticker on the back window. The vehicle has the Texas license plate No. GCM3117.

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    An East Texas family continues their search for a missing loved one who disappeared over three weeks ago.

    No substantial leads have come in to investigators on the disappearance of 54-year-old Rosemary Rodriguez of Kilgore.

    Fliers are posted all over Kilgore, and each day the family is either searching or asking if anyone has any information on where Rosemary is.

    "Whatever road I'm on, I look behind buildings, down ravines , down the creeks," says Rosemarys' mother Francis Messer.

    "Someone had to have seen something, there's just no way she could have dropped off the face of the earth," says daughter Lita Walker.

    She was last seen by her family October 6. When she didn’t so up for work at Walmart, employees alerted the family.

    “I went out in the rain today. Passing out fliers talking to people. Posting fliers on the trees. Still out there talking to people to bring her back home. I’m a mother, and mothers do that for their daughters,” Francis says.

    "We have not had anybody, nobody has come forward, and that's all we hope is that somebody will think of something they saw that day," says sister Jenny Phillips.

    Family says she also has several distinctive tattoos on her ankle and calf, featuring roses and hearts.

    "Any small lead could really help us at this point," Lita says.

    Investigators are focusing much of their attention now to finding Rodriguez missing car.

    The Gregg County Sheriff’s Office is asking that anyone seeing Rodriguez green Chevrolet Sonic with the ‘OU’ sticker on the back windshield, to call their local law enforcement immediately.

    The Texas license plate is GC3 117.

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    A federal agency is now involved in the search for a missing East Texas woman.

    It was October when Rosemary Rodriguez of Longview was reported missing by her family, and efforts to find out what happened to her have yielded no answers. Holidays and family events have passed for members of Rosemary’s family, leaving the family frustrated that there has been no word of what happened to her.

    She vanished in October of 2019.

    “It’s hard. Very, very frustrated, tired of waiting for answers, feeling that there should be answers by this point,” said daughter Lita Walker.

    The family has been informed that the FBI has joined the investigation.

    Near Mount Pisgah Road west of Kilgore is the last place Rosemary’s distinctive green car was seen. The family believes somebody somewhere must have seen her after this point.

    When she didn’t show up for work at the Kilgore Walmart, employees alerted the family. Her green Chevrolet with an Oklahoma University sticker on the back vanished as well.

    “I know a lot of time has passed, but finding that car is crucial,” Lita said.

    A cell phone, a key piece of evidence, was recovered, and it is being analyzed. Investigators say the case remains high priority, but for the family, the wait is agonizing.

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    I wonder why the police are convinced this was foul play and why the FBI is involved. That would mean there is some indication she was abducted and taken out of state, right?
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