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Thread: Monica Moynan (23) missing from Holly Springs, NC since 4/7/19

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    Monica Moynan (23) missing from Holly Springs, NC since 4/7/19

    The investigation into the disappearance of a Holly Springs mother is now a death investigation, according to police.

    Investigators believe Monica Moynan has been missing since April and they?ve been actively investigating since it was reported in July.

    ?Our investigators have worked tirelessly, following up on leads and examining evidence associated with her disappearance,? police said in a statement.

    ?Over the past several weeks, during the course of this extensive investigation, it is now believed that Monica is deceased. Our focus has shifted from a missing persons case to a death investigation.?

    Holly Springs police ask for the public to continue helping by offering any information regarding the case. Anyone with a tip is asked to contact Det. Mitchell Ham at 919-567-4702.

    According to search warrants, Moyman?s ex-boyfriend admitted to using her phone and pretending to be her in text messages and on social media.

    Moyman?s friends and family thought messages received from her may have been from someone else. Her mother told police she and her daughter saw each other once a week, but in March they began only speaking through text message, so she requested a wellness check for Moyman on July 19.

    Moyman?s ex-boyfriend had also been driving her car and had her cellphone. Virginia deputies said that when they made contact with the ex-boyfriend on July 23, they reported he had Moyman?s phone inside the car and the car had a chemical smell.

    The ex-boyfriend claimed Moyman was addicted to heroin. He didn?t know how to tell her mother she was missing and a drug addict. He said he had received a text message with a picture of their two children that said ?I can?t do this anymore,? documents said.

    He didn?t report Moyman missing because he expected her to come home. He said he was driving her car instead of his because it had car seats, documents said.

    Holly Springs police also visited Moyman?s place of employment. They were told by her boss she was a great employee and that she was possibly in an abusive relationship, a warrant said.

    A Holly Springs woman missing since April who police now believe to be dead may have been pregnant, according to newly released search warrants.

    Upon searching 23-year-old Monica Moynan?s apartment, investigators found a positive pregnancy test in the night stand.

    ?Monica being pregnant may have been a factor in the incidents that led up to Monica?s death,? according to search warrants.

    Police have made no arrests in the case, which a town spokesman called a ?death investigation with suspicious circumstances.?

    Police are calling the ex-boyfriend a ?person of interest,? someone who may have key information regarding the circumstances of Moynan?s death.

    The News & Observer is not naming the ex-boyfriend because he has not been charged with a crime in her disappearance.

    Warrants also indicate police believed the ex-wife of Moynan?s ex-boyfriend might have information relevant to the case because the couple have been in touch throughout the investigation, warrants say.

    She pretended to be Moynan while calling Moynan?s property manager. She also told investigators she had a copy of a driver?s license belonging to Moynan, as well as several photos she copied from a laptop given to her by the ex-boyfriend, according to the warrants.

    As part of the investigation, police asked her to call and record a phone call with the ex-boyfriend in their presence.

    ?Like not being mean but I really don?t think like there?s anything,? he said, according to the warrants. ?Because there?s no evidence or anything like that so.?

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    The disappearance of young Holly Springs mother Monica Moynan is now a "murder investigation," Holly Springs Police Chief John Herring told ABC11 on Wednesday.

    Police said Moynan's ex-boyfriend Brian Sluss, and his ex-wife, Jarlyn Sluss, are both considered persons of interest in the case.

    Moynan's remains have not been found. Warrants released recently shed new light on why police believe she is dead.

    The warrants -- which were signed and approved in August and first obtained Oct. 14 -- show that investigators found a positive pregnancy test and interviewed a friend of Moynan who confirmed that Moynan believed she was pregnant. Investigators also learned that she made, but failed to keep, an appointment at a women's health clinic in April.

    "We believe that Monica being pregnant may have been a factor in the incidents that led up to Monica's death," the newly unsealed warrants read.
    Holly Springs police officers have been actively investigating 23-year-old Moynan's disappearance since late July when her apartment manager and mother reported that they hadn't seen her in a while and were concerned for her safety.

    Police previously searched Jarlyn Sluss' home in Garner. Police monitored the Sluss' communications and, according to one warrant, she asked him if police would ever find Moynan, to which he responded, "no."

    ABC11 visited Jarlyn Sluss' home Wednesday but no one answered the door.

    Authorities said the ex-wife also admitted to pretending to be Moynan in a call to apartment management.

    Previously released search warrants showed that Brian Sluss had been driving around in her car and pretending to be Moynan in text messages to her family.

    He told police he was using the car to transport their children, since it was the one that had the car seats. He also said he wrote to Moynan's family using her phone because he did not know how to tell them she was missing.

    He told police he'd last seen her June 20, but that she had become addicted to drugs. He said he was trying to help her kick the habit, but she eventually texted him saying she couldn't do it anymore and he'd not heard from her since.

    Moynan's mom told police that her ex-boyfriend was abusive and a habitual liar. She said her daughter was trying to build a great life for herself and her children, but that her ex-boyfriend continued to stalk her.

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