An infirm Crowley woman is dead, just days after a relative found her suffering from festering sores and residing in poor conditions.

Crowley Police Chief Jimmy Broussard said the victim, Glasarah Welch, 49, died Wednesday night around 10 p.m. Officers have added negligent homicide charges against her caretakers, Dustin Welch, 27, and Raymond Hoffpauir, 57, who were arrested Sunday on counts of cruelty to the infirm.

Hoffpauir and Dustin Welch remain in the Acadia Parish Jail and bond for each is currently set at $75,000 for both charges, according to online jail records.

Glasarah Welch?s body has been transported to Calcasieu Parish to undergo a forensic autopsy, Broussard said. Officers expect the postmortem examination will be completed in the next several days. It?s undetermined if additional charges will be brought against Dustin Welch and Hoffpauir, he said.

Police were called after the victim was brought to Acadia General Hospital Saturday, KATC reported. A family member visiting the 49-year-old reportedly discovered the woman was very weak and suffering from festering wounds on her legs and ankles. The family member told police she also found roaches and rats in the woman?s home.

Hoffpauir and Dustin Welch lived in the home and were supposed to serve as Glasarah Welch?s caretakers, police said.

When confronted, the two men denied mistreating their charge, police said, but then allegedly admitted to not caring for the woman, including not changing the bandages on her wounds for days and not providing her with necessary insulin injections for weeks.

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Wow. How little respect can you actually have for a human being? This is disgusting! Shame on those assholes!