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Thread: Kirk Buik (56) missing from Shepherd, TX since July 2019

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    Kirk Buik (56) missing from Shepherd, TX since July 2019

    Family members of a missing Shepherd man say it has been a month since anyone last heard from Kirk Buik, 56. The last sighting of Buik by a family member reportedly was in the Cherry Creek Subdivision in July in the front yard of an acquaintance, his stepdaughter Pam Williams said.

    As he had no vehicle, Buik only traveled by foot or bicycle. Williams said Buik struggled with addiction and was estranged from most of his family, keeping in communication mainly with his ex-wife and his sister, neither of whom have heard from him in weeks.

    ?He had a cell phone but the last numbers we have for him are not good. An old woman answers one number and the other is not a working number,? Williams said.

    Buik is an unemployed carpenter who supports himself by working odd jobs. He moves around a lot, Williams said, staying with friends in the Shepherd area.

    ?We have called every person we know to call and no one has seen him. The last person we know he was staying with said he would come over to eat and take a shower, but she hasn?t seen him in a month,? Williams said.

    Buik?s sister, Kimberly Buik, says he usually stays in touch with her and they often go a month without talking by phone. However, she is worried because no one has been able to find him.

    ?We?re usually able to find him. I don?t know a lot of the people he hangs out with but the ones I do know haven?t seen him in weeks,? she said. ?I am really worried. Usually I can call and someone will find him for me. This time we?ve been looking and nobody can find him. The sheriff?s office went by the place where he was staying and there is nobody there.?

    Filing a missing person?s report fell on Buik?s next of kin, his son, Sidney. The father and son have been estranged for years because of Buik?s lifestyle, Sidney said.

    ?Even though I don?t associate with him, I don?t want anything bad to happen to him. The people he runs with usually know where he is, and even they are concerned about his welfare,? Sidney said.

    Buik has officially been entered in the Texas Missing Persons Clearinghouse, managed by the Texas Department of Public Safety. Authorities hope that Buik?s whereabouts will be reported, so he can be found.

    He is described as a white male, 5-feet and seven inches tall and weighing 140 pounds. He has dark blonde hair and blue eyes. He also has a rose tattoo on one shoulder blade.

    Anyone with information about this case should contact the San Jacinto County Sheriff?s Office at 936-653-4367.

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    The search for a missing San Jacinto County man has ended with a body found in a barrel.

    New photos shared with us by Bluebonnet News shows the scene earlier Thursday, where a body was found inside a white metal container.

    The family of the missing man, Kirk Buik, believe the remains are his, but we're told identification will take some time.

    Buik's family also tells Eyewitness News they believe he was murdered with a hatchet.

    Two suspects have been arrested. Jack Gonzalez and Matthew Greenwood are charged with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

    More charges are expected.

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