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Thread: Family sues Walmart after dresser falls and suffocates toddler (Lorelei Lyons, 2)

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    Family sues Walmart after dresser falls and suffocates toddler (Lorelei Lyons, 2)

    The parents of a 2-year old girl who died after suffocating between the drawers of a toppled dresser have filed a wrongful-death lawsuit against Walmart.

    Destiny Russell says she found daughter Lorelei Lyons ?pinned between the drawers of the subject dresser? when she went to check on her sleeping child in August 15, 2017, according to the new suit filed in Manhattan Supreme Court.

    Russel and her husband, Albert Lyons, were gifted the South Shore brand Libra 3-drawer dresser two years prior, which was bought at, the court papers say.

    The family claims Walmart knew that the piece of furniture was top-heavy and had a tendency to topple over.

    ?Defendants recognized that the drawers of the subject dresser were often used by children as ?steps? to climb up the dresser,? the court documents say.

    The Canadian furniture maker?s Summer Breeze line issued multiple recalls for the same reason twice in the six months before their daughter?s death, the parents allege.

    The family is suing Walmart and the manufacturer for unspecified damages.

    A spokesperson with Walmart, Lemia Jenkins, offered ?condolences to the family for their loss? but did not comment on the suit.

    South Shore did not immediately return a request for comment.

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    I feel dirty defending them, but not sure how responsible for this Wal Mart is?

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