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Thread: Stabbing Spree In Sydney CBD

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    Stabbing Spree In Sydney CBD

    This started about 2hrs ago & was centred around a building at 115 Clarence St. Details are still sketchy, so far they've reported police saying "no fatal injuries" but they've also said a woman's body has been found at 118 Clarence St.

    I have a fb friend on lockdown in a hotel at the scene but I don't think he knows much more than the rest of us at this stage.

    Also, I'm only posting this so all the gun freaks who scream "but what about knife attacks" shut the fuck up, because thanks to Australia's gun laws, there was no "good guy with a gun" to stop this - instead he was taken down by a good guy with a wicker chair & a good guy with a milk crate.

    Sydney stabbing LIVE: Woman found dead in Clarence Street unit, investigation ongoing

    Sydney stabbing LIVE: Woman found dead in Clarence Street unit, investigation ongoing
    By Natassia Chrysanthos
    Updated August 13, 2019 ? 4.05pm

    Investigation in 'infancy', motive unknown
    Superintendent Gavin Wood said police were not yet sure of the reason for the attack.

    "We don't know causation or rationale," he said. "It would appear unprovoked at this stage but we are keeping an open mind going forward."

    He said police were aware of reports the man had shouted "Allahu Akbar" but could not confirm if they were true.

    "We are in the infancy stage," he said. "There are a number of crime scenes... The investigation is ongoing."

    Police entering 118 Clarence Street
    People assembled at Clarence Street.
    People assembled at Clarence Street.CREDIT:JACOB SAULWICK

    Herald reporter Jacob Saulwick is at Clarence House, at 118 Clarence Street in the city, where he says police are entering the building.

    He says a woman ran downstairs shortly after 3pm saying "you've got to help me", and police followed her inside the building.

    The ambulance is arriving at the scene, where the Public Order and Riot Squad is also assembled.

    Police ran into the building thinking there might be more victims.

    One witness sends in her report from a cafe near where the incident occurred
    A Herald reader has written in to describe what they saw happen. She was having a coffee at a cafe on Clarence Street when the incident occurred.

    "I saw at least 20 people running from York Street, I heard shouting and carrying on, and people were running full pelt," she said.

    "I looked up and saw two men heading towards me, the one in front tripped over and looked behind him. He seemed to be running from the second man, and he fell over and people were picking him up.

    "Then the second one fell to the ground too. He was being pursued by a man in uniform - a firefighter I think, navy blue overalls - who had a crowbar.

    "Then they had the man on the ground and they put a chair from the cafe over him to keep him down and people started to cluster around.

    "It was about ten minutes until police came. It was just regular people holding him down, including the fireman."

    Photos of the alleged offender restrained by citizens
    Police have praised the "brave heroes" from the public who performed a citizen's arrest on the man.

    This image from Seven News shows the alleged offender trapped with a crate and cafe chairs, where he was successfully restrained until police arrived.

    The alleged offender was trapped with crates and chairs.CREDIT:SEVEN NEWS.

    Woman's body found in unit on Clarence Street
    Police have confirmed the body of a woman has been found at 118 Clarence Street.

    "Inquiries are underway after the body of a woman was found inside a unit on Clarence Street about 3.15pm," a police spokesperson said.

    "Officers from Sydney City Police Area Command are on scene and will conduct inquiries into whether the incident is linked to an earlier stabbing at a hotel on the corner of Clarence and King."

    The stabbing of another woman, now in hospital, occurred at Hotel CBD about 2pm.

    Witness praises 'normal blokes' who helped
    Herald reporter Sally Rawsthorne is also in the CBD speaking to witnesses.

    Bystander David Vaux told her that he initially thought he had stepped onto the scene of a television series.

    "[The man] didn?t seem sound of mind. He was clearly distressed," Mr Vaux said.

    He praised the "normal blokes" who bought the knife-wielding man down. He said they had armed themselves with an axe and a crowbar.

    "People were still quite shocked, they couldn?t believe what was happening."

    Traffic update
    Live Traffic Sydney is still advising motorists to avoid the CBD area.

    Cameraman who captured incident was filming for an unrelated story

    Seven News cameraman Paul Walker told Herald reporter Lucy Cormack he was nearby filming an unrelated story when he witnessed the incident and captured it on camera.

    You can see his footage for Seven News below:

    Members of the public subdue knife attacker
    Footage shot by Channel 7 shows a man wielding a knife climbing onto a car before being held down by members of the public using a milk crate and chairs.

    "He jumped on the roof of a parked car near the intersection at the Woolies, he had a balaclava on and he was waving a knife and screaming Allahu Akbar," Mr Walker said.

    "There were some firies waving axes trying to corral him and a whole bunch of people came. A guy smashed him over the head with a chair and he fell to the ground and they all jumped on him."

    Clarence Street entrance to Wynyard Station closed
    The Transport Management Centre has reminded people to avoid the CBD.

    Clarence Street remains closed between Market Street and King Street, and King Street remains closed between Clarence Street and York Street.

    "As well, the Clarence Street entrance to Wynyard Station is closed so use the York Street, Carrington Street or Wynyard Walk entrances instead," they said.

    "Many buses in the Sydney CBD are also diverting away from their usual routes, and are using different roads or bus stops.

    "Traffic is very heavy and motorists already in the city are advised to use an alternative route and follow the directions of police."

    'You don't think': We speak to the heroes who tackled alleged Sydney stabber
    The Herald's Lucy Cormack has spoken to the men now being praised as "brave heroes" for restraining the alleged attacker.

    "We had a window open to get some air in and then we just heard the commotion ? we looked out and saw him on top of a car wielding a knife and we all just kind of reacted from there," Lee Cuthbert, 29, told her.

    Sydney heroes, Lee Cuthbert (left), Paul O?Shaughnessy and Alex Roberts.

    "We just tried to get down as quick as we could ... You don't think ? you just kind of react really, it was surreal, very, very surreal."

    Attached Images Attached Images

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    Oh wait, the guy I know is literally IN the hotel where it started (Hotel CBD)

    Woman injured in Sydney CBD stabbing rampage

    A woman has been rushed to hospital and another has been found dead after a man went on a stabbing rampage in the Sydney CBD.

    Ally Foster@allyjfoster 13, 20194:31PM

    Man arrested after stabbing rampage in Sydney CBD

    A woman has been rushed to hospital following reports a man went on a stabbing rampage in the Sydney CBD.
    A woman is dead and another has been taken to hospital after a bloodied man with a knife went on a stabbing rampage in Sydney CBD, jumping on a car and taunting witnesses.

    Police have confirmed a woman has also been found dead inside a residence on Clarence St, Wynyard at around 3.15pm, Nine News reported.

    It has been confirmed the death is related to the earlier CBD stabbing.

    There have been multiple reports she was found with her throat slit.

    There is a heavy police presence on King St and Clarence St in Wynyard with the CBD in lockdown.

    A crime scene has been set up at Clarence House apartments.Source:Supplied

    A crime scene has been set up at the Clarence House apartments where the woman was reportedly killed.

    An employee from Clarence St Cyclery which sits below the apartments, was forced to close as the crime scene was set up.

    An employee from the shop told he saw the man run past.

    ?There?s something going on upstairs,? he said.

    ?They?ve had a whole lot of top brass police go up there.?

    The Clarence St Cyclery employee said he?d also seen a number of riot squad police run upstairs.

    An ambulance was also seen outside the residence.

    Police have also sent home staff from the neighbouring Clear Skincare business with no explanation.

    ?They wouldn?t tell us what?s going on,? one staff member told

    Police confirmed this afternoon that a woman was stabbed in the back and was taken to St Vincent?s Hospital in a stable condition.

    It?s believed the woman was stabbed inside Hotel CBD, on the corner of York and King streets, which police say remains an active crime scene.

    The man was seen holding a large knife. Picture: 7 News.Source:Supplied

    Video obtained by 7 News shows the man yelling ?Allahu Akbar!? as he jumps on the hood and roof of a Mercedes, before he is confronted by a man with a chair.

    He then began screaming, ?Shoot me in the f*****g face.?

    Multiple people are then seen pinning him down with a milk crate on his head and two chairs holding his body down. He has blood on his hands.

    Other video from 7 News then shows a group of citizens, including firefighters, arresting the alleged offender.

    ?He stabbed a chick in broad daylight,? a man can be heard saying on the video.

    ?He stabbed her. He came running through the street.?

    Police urged bystanders to avoid the area. Picture: Dean Lewins/AAPSource:AAP

    Some psycho just went around stabbing people in Sydney. Just your regular Tuesday.

    ? جوني (@johnnie_txt) August 13, 2019
    Prime Minister Scott Morrison has addressed the incident on Twitter, labelling the attack ?deeply concerning?.

    ?The attacker is now in police custody following the brave actions of those who were present at the scene and were able to able to restrain him," Mr Morrison said.

    ?The motivation for this attack has not yet been determined as Police are continuing with their enquiries.

    ?Any further official information will be provided by the New South Wales Police, who are keeping us appraised through our agencies, including details of casualties.?

    Our thoughts are with all those who have been impacted by this violent attack.

    ? Scott Morrison (@ScottMorrisonMP) August 13, 2019

    Speaking to the media this afternoon, NSW Police Superintendent Gavin Wood said the offender attempted to stab a number of other people during his rampage.

    He added the threat had now been ?negated?.

    ?That male offender, which we will be alleging is responsible for the stabbing, is now in custody,? Supt Wood said.

    ?All I can conclusively say is that male offender was on his own and there was no person complicit at this stage.?

    Supt Wood said the knifeman?s motivations were unknown, but the attack appeared to be ?unprovoked?.

    ?We don?t know the causation or the rationale for his actions today,? he said.

    Police emphasised the investigation was ?in its infancy?.

    Police drag away the knifeman. Picture: Twitter / @ljayesSource:Twitter

    Adrian Papaianni was leaving his office on Clarence St when he heard people screaming.

    ?There were a stack of people running down Barrack Place saying that there was a guy with a knife,? Mr Papaianni told

    ?I ran into the Woolworths and people inside got them to shut the glass doors. I was feeling OK until I saw a mother crying with her baby in her hands, trying to get into the Woolies.

    ?Police started arriving about a minute later and started to chase him.?

    The man was trapped with a milk crate. Picture: Channel 7Source:Channel 7

    A woman named Alexandra, who works in customer service on Kent St, told she was walking towards York St about 1.55pm when she ran into a male friend who had overheard someone yelling ?he has a knife?.

    He told her there were ?a lot of people running towards them?.

    Alexandra said three groups of uniformed and undercover police then ran from behind her saying ?he?s gone into Woolworths?.

    The police were running towards the Woolworths Metro supermarket on York St, she said.

    Alexandra said concrete barriers had been erected on Clarence St.

    The woman was reportedly stabbed in the back. Picture: Dean Lewins/AAPSource:AAP

    An Uber driver who was on King St near the Grace Hotel told 2GB Radio he saw the terrifying incident unfold.

    ?Next thing I see this guy jumping over the car, over the bonnet ? he had a knife in his hand,? the man said.

    ?He had a bit of blood on his shirt.

    ?There were police, people with their phone out, there were fireys trying to contain him.?

    Witnesses say a fireman from a truck that happened to be at the scene leapt out with an axe in a bid to apprehend the man.

    A NSW Fire and Rescue spokesman confirmed a crew was in the area and assisted police.

    More to come
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    That last link has been updated with his name

    Multiple news outlets are reporting the accused knifeman?s name is Mert Nay, of Marayong, near Blacktown in Sydney?s west.

    The incident is reportedly not related to terrorism and police are investigating if the man recently absconded from a mental health facility.

    Police are understood to be on the scene at the man?s home.

    Also, follow the cop's eyes in the 2nd one - the pix not real clear, but is he pissing as he walks?
    Attached Images Attached Images
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    Media here keep using the word "carnage" to describe this.

    I'm not minimising the impact on witnesses, or the friends & fam of the TWO victims, but it'd be great if Aus journos could chill it with the exaggeration

    the killing of a large number of people.

    "the bombing was timed to cause as much carnage as possible"

    They still haven't released the identity of the young woman he murdered.

    'You've got to help me': how a woman's plea alerted police to a dead woman

    At 3.15pm on Tuesday the emergency services presence that had closed King Street in Sydney's central business district had begun to thin.

    About 45 minutes earlier a 21-year-old wielding a butcher's knife had allegedly stabbed a woman at King St's Hotel CBD.

    Emergency workers outside an apartment building on Clarence street during the police operation on Tuesday.CREDIT:DEAN SEWELL

    The man, later identified as Mert Ney, subsequently moved around the block, only to be detained near Wynyard by acts of bravery by members of the public and the fire department.

    But by 3.15pm the visible activity in the area where Mr Ney's alleged rampage first started was petering out.

    A number of the ambulance and emergency vehicles had moved on; the public crowd that had gathered behind the police tape at the corner of Clarence Street and King Street had broken apart.

    It was at this point that a young man, wearing brown shoes, jeans and a tan sweater, ran down Clarence St and grabbed the attention of one of the remaining officers on the scene.

    According to a bystander, Rob Baker, the man told the officers he had heard a woman?s screams from inside a nearby building.

    An unidentified man exits 118 Clarence Street after informing police he had heard a woman scream from inside the apartment building.CREDIT:DEAN SEWELL

    The man took one of the officers to the front door of the apartment block at 104-118 Clarence Street, a building known as Clarence House.

    There they struggled to enter the building. The officer and the young man tried to gain the attention of those inside by pressing on multiple apartment buzzers.

    Soon after a young woman came to the door, a mobile phone in one hand. Visibly distressed, the woman appealed to the officer: "you've got to help me."

    The officer followed the woman and raced inside the building, calling behind him for police back-up. The young man who first alerted police to the woman's distress ran to find more police.

    An unidentified woman is sheltered and led out of 118 Clarence Street after an alleged stabbing.CREDIT:DEAN SEWELL

    Within minutes, officers and ambulance staff were streaming into the Clarence St apartment block. Within 10 minutes, police had shut down Clarence St and established a crime scene.

    Speaking at a press conference later on Tuesday afternoon, Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said a 21-year-old woman had been identified in an "expanded crime scene" in a Clarence St unit block.

    "All of the available information that we have at hand would link these two crimes," Commissioner Fuller said.

    The victim, understood to be a sex worker, had reportedly been stabbed numerous times, in a vicious and frenzied manner.

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    There's a media pack outside his mum & sister's house. I'm not posting the pix they're publishing because I think it's a cunt act to hound them like this considering every media agency in Aus is simultaneously reporting that he was kicked out of home for domestic violence.

    His mum & sis were his first victims but they're being treated as if they were complicit in his crimes. It's fucked up.

    Sydney stabbing suspect was 'missing person' after previous domestic violence incident

    By Lucy Cormack
    August 14, 2019 ? 11.05am

    Mert Ney had been listed as a missing person by his family following a "domestic violence situation", which prompted a police "concern for welfare report", in the days leading up to Tuesday's fatal stabbing rampage in Sydney's CBD.

    Mr Ney, 20, was arrested in dramatic scenes near York St after he allegedly ran through the city covered in blood, brandishing a bloody butcher's knife, stabbing one woman in the back and fatally slashing the throat of another.

    "Police had taken a report for a domestic violence situation, so he was on the system [for authorities to] 'keep a look out for him'," said NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller on Wednesday.

    He confirmed that the 20-year-old had recently "self-admitted himself [to a facility] following a medical issue" prompting subsequent mental health assessments.

    "Obviously there is an issue around his mental health...and whether he was a lone actor or whether he was involved with something far more sinister....we rely on federal police, ASIO and international partners to assist us in that investigation.

    "His history is not remarkable. He has some low-level issues around theft, malicious damage. He had some low-level domestic violence issues link back to his family that, again, were not significant or serious injuries, however they were being investigated."

    Court documents have confirmed Mr Ney appeared at Blacktown Local Court on June 24 for possessing or using a prohibited weapon - knuckledusters - without a permit.

    He pleaded guilty to the charge and was convicted and sentenced to a conditional release order for 9 months, expiring on March 23, 2020.

    Under the terms of the order he was not to "commit any offence", while the weapon was to be "forfeited" to the court.

    It is understood the 20-year-old had not threatened anyone with the knuckledusters or used them, but had them in his possession at home.

    Search warrants were conducted Tuesday night at Mr Ney's family home in Maryong and at another property, in Blacktown.

    Police say he had left the family home and may have been "couchsurfing or homeless for some time", and recently living at the Blacktown property.

    Neighbours describe a quiet 'nerd' as Sydney stabbing suspect's family arrive home
    Add to shortlist

    Commissioner Fuller said the joint agency counter terrorism unit had met since 7am on Wednesday to re-examine Tuesday's events, adding that the investigation was ongoing, but that it was still thought not to be a terrorist-related incident.

    "I feel as though what he has on social media, what we may well find in his bedroom will... shine more light on why this crime happened," he said.

    "We will also look at his phone and we will do phone triangulations [on his movements on Tuesday afternoon]."

    Among items seized by police on Tuesday were Mr Ney's phone and a USB stick, both of which contained files and videos of recent international mass killings, including the recent deadly mosque attack in New Zealand and white supremacist shootings in the US.

    Counter terrorism specialists are currently examining the data.

    Mr Ney began terrorising office workers in the CBD around 2pm on Tuesday, before stabbing a woman in the back near a pub on King St.

    Prior to that he had visited a residential apartment for a "business" purpose in Clarence House, on Clarence St, where the 24-year-old victim was later found deceased, with her throat slashed.

    It is understood the woman was a sex worker and that she and Mr Ney had been in contact with each other on Tuesday.

    "We actually have footage of him in the city, we know there was phone contact between him and the 24-year-old's about finding out what that phone contact was for and what was the purpose of the visit," Commissioner Fuller said.

    He confirmed police were in contact with the woman's family.

    On Wednesday morning, Mr Ney was at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital where he was being treated for leg wounds and other minor injuries. It is expected he could be released by Tuesday afternoon, before he is charged over the alleged murder and stabbing attack.

    NSW Police are in contact with Mr Ney's family members

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    We can update the title now (when someone has time to )

    The young woman he murdered was Michaela Dunn, 24. The surviving victim is Linda Bo, 41

    Sydney stabbing LIVE: Michaela Dunn identified as woman found dead in Clarence Street unit

    By Jenny Noyes and Natassia Chrysanthos
    Updated August 14, 2019 ? 4.02pmfirst published at 11.18am

    What we know so far

    Mert Ney, 20, was seen wielding a knife near the corner of Clarence and King streets about 2pm. Bystanders restrained him with chairs and a milk crate

    One woman, 24, was killed in a Clarence Street unit. Police discovered her body about 3.15pm. Another woman, 41, was stabbed in the back at Hotel CBD. She is in a stable condition

    Police say Mr Ney was a "lone actor" with a history of mental health issues and no apparent links to terrorist organisations

    At the time of the stabbings, Mr Ney was on conditional release after pleading guilty to possessing a prohibited weapon in June

    In the days before the stabbing, he was listed as missing after a "domestic violence situation"


    Homeless teens say 'agitated' Ney stayed with them in safe house before attack
    Nine News has spoken to two young people who said they stayed in a safe house with Mert Ney the night before the attack, sleeping in an adjacent room. They described him as agitated and said he told them he had been kicked out of home and had recently been in hospital.

    He also rambled about a USB and left very early in the morning on Tuesday, they said. You can watch their account in the video below:

    Play Video (at link)


    Sister's emotional words for stabbing victim

    The sister of accused stabber Mert Ney has spoken with reporters outside the family's Marayong home, telling them she is sorry that a young woman has lost her life.

    "She was like, younger than me. She could have been going out like within a few hours, to do shopping with her mum, eat dinner with her boyfriend, go speak to her girlfriends ... and now she can't do that can she?

    "All the words that I can say isn't ever gonna bring her back, is it? I want to say, I'm really, really sorry. No one should have... she was like, defenceless."

    Sister of Mert Ney speaks to media
    Play video (at link)


    Michaela Dunn, 24, identified as victim

    Nine News has reported the victim of yesterday's attack was Michaela Dunn, 24, from Sydney.

    The woman was a former student at Rosebank College in Sydney's inner west and attended the University of Notre Dame.

    She was described as a "beautiful girl from a beautiful family".

    Her mother told Nine News she wanted everyone to know her daughter was from an ordinary family in suburban Sydney, and she "was very much loved".


    Murder victim spoke against sexual violence

    Michaela Dunn's mother said her daughter was well-travelled, loving, and from a beautiful family in Sydney's suburbs.

    Ms Dunn had travelled to the United States and Sri Lanka in the last year, according to her social media accounts. She also rallied against sexual violence in a Facebook post several years ago.

    "Sexual violence and harassment is never acceptable. Take two minutes to read and sign this petition, it's such an important issue that needs to be addressed sooner than later," she wrote on a post from 2016.


    Second stabbing victim, Linda Bo, still stable in hospital

    The Australian Associated Press reported it understands the second woman stabbed in Sydney yesterday is Linda Bo, 41.

    Ms Bo is believed to be an employee at shipping company Cosco, which has an office nearby Hotel CBD where she was attacked about 2pm.

    She is in a stable condition at St Vincent's Hospital after she was stabbed in the shoulder.

    NSW Police Commissioner Mick Fuller said "the fact she's alive is a miracle", considering Mert Ney likely "went on the street to kill more people".


    Michaela Dunn remembered as a "true delight"

    A friend of Ms Dunn, Joan Westenberg, wrote on social media that the 24-year-old Notre Dame graduate was a "true delight to know".

    "I?ve known this girl since she was just a kid in high school at 14. Mikki was like my baby sister. I cannot describe how sad and how broken I am at this moment. I loved this kid. She was incredible," Ms Westenberg wrote on Twitter.

    "Mikki was a true delight to know ... She deserved to be safe while she worked. Her job does not make her a lurid story. She was a person and she is now gone. And she is gone because male violence has taken her from us."

    Domestic Violence Line 1800 65 64 63, 1800-RESPECT 1800 737 732

    Mert Ney's sister speaks, says 'sorry a million times' and she wants nothing to do with her brother

    'Sorry a million times': Sister of Sydney stabbing suspect speaks out

    Yazel Ney agreed to speak to reporters outside her home in Marayong on Wednesday and said sorry to the family of Michaela Dunn, 24, who was killed in yesterday's attack, writes Tim Barlass.

    Ms Ney also said it was "obvious that there has been a steep descent into insanity" regarding her brother's behaviour, but she did not want to comment on whether mental health services had let him down.

    "I don't want to like say anything about that because then that's like it's like blaming the services, when they could have been doing all they can. Do, you know, I feel like that's unfair," she said.

    "[I am] shocked, angry, disgusted. I hate my last name. If someone in your family did this, like, how would you feel? I'm, like, I'm no threat to myself, sorry, I want to be clear about that.

    "I wish there was a way that I could make it all better for [my mother], but I can't. I can't make it better for anyone else and I wish I could."

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