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Thread: Mom charged after her two toddlers (Olivia Gee, 2), (Micha Gee, 3) die minutes apart from each other

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    Mom charged after her two toddlers (Olivia Gee, 2), (Micha Gee, 3) die minutes apart from each other

    A New Jersey woman was awaiting an arraignment in a Bronx court Friday after being charged in connection with the deaths of her two toddlers, who were beaten so badly their organs failed ? more than two years ago, according to police.

    Jade Spencer, 33, of Bloomfield was arrested Thursday and charged with two counts of manslaughter, one for each of her children, 2-year-old Olivia Gee and 3-year-old Micha Gee, cops said.

    In July of 2017, Spencer?s then boyfriend, Novell Jordan, discovered the tots gasping for air inside their home in Kingsbridge Heights, which she has since left, authorities said. Police said both kids had suspicious ?marks? on their necks.

    Olivia and Micha died just minutes apart at Montefiore Medical Center.

    Both children suffered from asthma, which the couple told authorities likely contributed to theirs deaths.

    But autopsies found the children died of blunt-force trauma to the torso, and four days after they were found, their deaths were classified as homicides.

    It wasn?t clear Friday why it took authorities more than two years to arrest Spencer, who worked as a nurse in 2017. The Bronx District Attorney?s office didn?t immediately return calls.

    Greg Gee, the father of the children, declined to comment Friday.

    Spencer?s arrest was made by the NYPD?s Warrants Squad.

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    It took them two years to lay charges?? WTF??

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