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Thread: David Ireland (50) died from necrotizing fasciitis

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    David Ireland (50) died from necrotizing fasciitis

    A Florida man who contracted a flesh-eating bacteria last week died early Thursday, his family said.

    David Ireland, 50, thought at first he had the flu, his brother Daniel Ireland said. But doctors quickly realized it was an aggressive flesh-eating bacteria causing the symptoms.

    Doctors operated on Ireland multiple times, removing more than 25 percent of his skin in hopes of stopping the disease, his brother said in a phone interview earlier this week.

    But on Thursday, Daniel Ireland said in an email that David died in the early-morning hours.

    In a GoFundMe campaign set up to help the family, Daniel Ireland wrote, ?He fought very hard against this disease and all of us will miss him dearly.?

    David Ireland had two young daughters, 4 and 7. He worked at Universal Studios in Orlando, where his wife is also employed.

    The family doesn?t know how David Ireland contracted the disease, called necrotizing fasciitis. His brother said David didn?t go in the ocean or swim in lakes, but did use the pool at his condo in Orlando.

    Necrotizing fasciitis, an aggressive flesh-eating disease, has similar symptoms to many other infections, so it can be difficult to diagnose in the earliest stages, according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

    ?Since necrotizing fasciitis can spread so rapidly, patients often must get surgery done very quickly,? the CDC says.
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    This is scary as hell. I wonder how he contracted it.

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    Apparently, you can get necrotizing fasciitis from a pool or hot tub if the water isn't tested often, or is just not looked after.....bacteria can grow and enter through a cut, scratch, rash, burn or bite. If you have any break in the skin, to be safe, stay out of the water. Maybe we should bring our own test kits and test the water before swimming. So scary.

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