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Thread: Nick Diemel (35) and Justin Diemel (24) Reported Missing and Garland ?Joey? Nelson is Charged with the Disappearance of the Brothers

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    Nick Diemel (35) and Justin Diemel (24) Reported Missing and Garland ?Joey? Nelson is Charged with the Disappearance of the Brothers

    BRAYMER, Mo. ?
    A judge on Monday denied bond for a man accused in connection with the disappearance of two Wisconsin brothers.

    Garland ?Joey? Nelson has been charged with tampering with a motor vehicle in connection with this disappearance of 35-year-old Nick Diemel and his 24-year-old brother, Justin Diemel.

    Charging documents state Nelson ?knowingly and without the consent of the owner unlawfully operated an automobile,? specifically, the Ford F-250 truck rented by the Diemel brothers.

    The brothers rented the truck to drive to farms in in Missouri to check cattle on a business trip.

    They own a farm in Bonduel, Wisconsin.

    That truck was found parked in a commuter lot in Holt, Missouri, with keys in the ignition after the Diemel brothers were reported missing.

    Police reportedly used GPS information from the truck?s black box system to match the vehicle on several security cameras.

    Cameras at the hotel where the brothers last stayed showed the men signing out of their hotel room, after which point GPS then tracked the truck from the hotel to Nelson?s farm, where they arrived just before 9:30 a.m. on July 21.

    At 11:44 a.m., the truck left the farm again, and at 12:18 p.m., the truck was captured on a Casey?s General Store security camera traveling south of MO 13 Highway.

    GPS matched with security camera time codes showed the truck turning south in front of a bank while cameras showed there appeared to be no passenger in the front seat of the truck -- only the driver.

    GPS data showed the truck passing in front of a business in Polo, Missouri, at 12:19 p.m.

    Security footage from that business also showed only one person in the truck.

    GPS data showed the truck pulled into the Holt commuter lot off Interstate 35 at 12:45 p.m.

    The truck was left running with the keys in the ignition and the lights on.

    Nelson reportedly admitted to driving the truck from his residence to the commuter lot in Holt.

    While Nelson has been charged with moving the rental truck, no other changes have been filed in connection with the disappearance of Nick and Justin Diemel, and no trace of the brothers has been found.

    Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish said Friday the investigation into the disappearance of the men had turned from a missing persons investigation to a death investigation, but no reasoning from that decision was released.

    On Monday, a judge denied issuing bond for Nelson.

    Another bond hearing is scheduled for Thursday morning.

    Nelson is a previous offender and served time in federal prison.

    He pleaded guilty to cattle fraud in 2015 at the age of 21.

    Nelson spoke with Iowa Public Television about his ?Life after Leavenworth? in December.

    Nelson said he took on nearly 800 head of cattle as part of a government loan in a deal with an Iowa-based supplier but had trouble with caring for the livestock.

    ?Everything works until you run out of grass or feed or money,? Nelson told IPTV. ?One of the three. Run out grass first, so you know, you went to feeding more, then the feed bills get bigger than they want to pay. And then you run out of money.?

    Court documents state Nelson sold at least 114 of the mortgaged cattle pledged to the Farm Service Agency.

    He admitted he didn?t notify the FSA of the sale in hopes things wouldn?t be tied up for months.

    Nelson said he needed the money from the sale to continue to care for the other cattle.

    ?I figured I had done something wrong by not going through the proper channel to sell the cattle,? he told IPTV. ?I mean, you run out of operating money. If you want to keep the cattle alive, you?re going to sell something to feed them, to pay the feed bills.?

    Prosecutors said Nelson then deliberately hid the sale of the cattle by having checks written out using a different version of his name than what appeared on the FSA loan.

    Court documents say checks were also made out to one of his friends, and the money was later transferred to his account.

    ?I?m not going to say that I didn?t sell some of the cattle that were on my loan note, because we did,? Nelson said. ?But we didn?t sell them to go buy a trip to Hawaii or anything like that.

    ?I thought well, at the worse case scenario, I?ve done something where I?ve broke a rule on a loan. Didn?t commit a crime. I didn?t go out and rob a bank or anything like that. I broke a contract. Well, not when it?s federal. You?ve committed some sort of fraud. They said that I set out from day one to do this. Well I can tell you from day one that I didn?t know what I was doing."

    A federal judge in Kansas City said he was going to make an example of Nelson to the agricultural community, and sentenced him to 24 months in Leavenworth Federal Penitentiary in Kansas.

    Prosecutors estimated losses as part of this fraud case at just under $300,000.

    Nelson ultimately spent 13 months at Leavenworth Camp, a minimum-security satellite facility of the federal prison.

    He was released in March 2018.

    Of his fraud, Nelson said this to IPTV, ?Anybody that?s young that wants to get bigger, you know, it?s faster, that?s always the better way. Well, not necessarily. It can catch up with you.?

    Authorities involved in the search for Nick and Justin Diemel have scheduled a news conference for 4:30 p.m.

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    Investigators looking for two missing Wisconsin farmers found human remains Tuesday on the Missouri farm they've been searching.

    The search for Nicholas Diemel, 35, and his brother, Justin Diemel, 24, turned into a death investigation last week after the brothers had been missing for several days.

    "This is still an active investigation, and human remains have not been identified at this time," Clinton County Sheriff Larry Fish said at a brief press conference. The causes of death haven't been determined, Fish said.

    The Diemels' rented truck was found abandoned in a commuter lot last week, and authorities arrested Garland "Joey" Nelson after he admitted driving the brothers' truck from his farm to a commuter parking lot and leaving it there.

    Nelson, who owns the farm the brothers visited. has been charged with tampering with a vehicle and is being held without bond, CNN affiliate WBAY reported. Fish said he is still the only person who's been arrested in the case.

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