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Thread: Erika Gaytan, 29, Missing After Going To A Concert July 13/14

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    Erika Gaytan, 29, Missing After Going To A Concert July 13/14

    I hope she is found soon, and is safe!

    29-year-old mom missing after date, 'could be in danger,' police say



    Jul 19, 2019, 3:23 PM ET


    El Paso Police Department

    WATCH*Mom, 29, missing and 'could be in danger': Police

    A 29-year-old Texas mother who went missing after she went on a date last weekend "could be in danger," relatives and police said.

    Erika Gaytan, of El Paso, was last seen in the evening of July 13 or the early morning hours of July 14, according to the El Paso police department.

    (MORE: 69-year-old woman missing after hiking in California's Mojave Desert with her husband)

    Police did not say where she was last seen, but her family told ABC El Paso affiliate*KVIA*that she had been on a date at the El Paso County Coliseum for a concert.

    El Paso Police Department

    Erika Andrea Gaytan is pictured in this undated photo released as part of a poster by El Paso Police Department.more*+

    Her family told the station it was not like Gaytan to have gone off and leave her 7-year-old son behind.

    A spokesman with El Paso police said that the department fears she "could be in danger."

    In a photo issued by police, Gaytan is seen on the night she disappeared wearing a white dress and smiling.


    Have you seen this person? If you have information please contact police at (915) 832-4400


    9:26 PM - Jul 18, 2019

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    (MORE: Parents speak out after 2-year-old daughter went missing in northern Michigan woods)

    Anyone with information on Gaytan?s whereabouts is urged to contact El Paso police at 915-832-4400.

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    Why didn't they fully vet the members of the jury prior to the trial?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bewitchingstorm View Post
    Why didn't they fully vet the members of the jury prior to the trial?
    Eh. It happens. We were in a car crash years ago and they gave us the list of potential jurors so we could strike anybody we knew. One of them was a vendor at the store where mom worked, but she didn't know his last name. He was just "Jake, the bread guy" to her.
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    lol at Nestle being some vicious smiter, she's the nicest person on this site besides probably puzzld. Or at least the last person to resort to smiting.
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    Why on earth would I smite you when I can ban you?

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