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Thread: 9/11 Victim Identified Nearly 18 Years After Attacks

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    9/11 Victim Identified Nearly 18 Years After Attacks

    LOWER MANHATTAN, NY ? Nearly 18 years after the September 11th attacks on the World Trade Center, officials have identified another victim, the NYC Office of Chief Medical Examiner announced Thursday.

    The woman is the 1,644th person to be identified, the OCME said.

    A spokeswoman for the OCME said the woman was identified through DNA testing of her remains that were recovered in 2002.

    The woman's family has requested that her name be withheld.

    She is the second World Trade Center victim to be identified this year.

    In June, officials identified a man whose remains were recovered in 2013 near the Deutsche Bank building, the New York Daily News reported.

    More than 1,100 ? 40 percent of those who died ? have not yet been identified, according to the OCME.

    The woman's identification comes as two more retired FDNY members died of illnesses related to World Trade Center toxins breathed in at Ground Zero in the aftermath of the terror attacks in 2001, AMNewYork reported. The paper wrote Kevin Nolan and Richard Driscoll were the 199th and 200th FDNY members to die of WTC-related illnesses.

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    In June, officials identified a man whose remains were recovered in 2013 near the Deutsche Bank building
    Where were his remains that they weren't found for 12 years?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jumaki15 View Post
    Where were his remains that they weren't found for 12 years?

    The New York City medical examiner's office says more possible pieces of human remains have been found during the sifting of newly uncovered debris from the site of the September 2001 terrorist attacks.

    The office says 21 potential human remains were recovered Wednesday. That brings the total found during the current effort to 39.

    About 60 truckloads of debris that could contain tiny human bone fragments have been unearthed by construction crews working on the new World Trade Center tower in recent years. City officials say investigators will spend 10 weeks trying to find remains in that debris. The city's last such effort ended in 2010.

    Some 2,750 people died at the World Trade Center in the Sept. 11 attacks, but remains of only 1,634 people have been identified.

    The city's last sifting effort ended in 2010. This time, crews were able to dig up parts of the trade center site that were previously inaccessible to workers, the city said.

    Since 2006, the remains of 34 previously unrecovered victims were identified through DNA, CBS New York reported.

    About 9,000 human remains recovered from the ruins of the World Trade Center remain unidentified because they are too degraded to match victims by DNA identification. The remains are stored at an undisclosed location monitored by the medical examiner's office and will eventually be transferred to a subterranean chamber at the National September 11 Memorial & Museum.

    Some victims' families expressed impatience that the city has only just uncovered more debris.

    "Quite frankly, they should've excavated this and searched it 12 years ago," said Diane Horning, whose son, Matthew, died in the attacks. "Instead, they built service roads and construction roads and were more worried about the building and the tourism than they were about the human remains."

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