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A group of Oklahoma teens found a human leg with a shoe still attached
By Scottie Andrew and Saeed Ahmed, CNN

Updated 1515 GMT (2315 HKT) July 16, 2019

A group of Oklahoma teens found a human leg with a shoe still attached Monday night. Tulsa police haven't identified the victim, who they said had likely died "a while ago."

(CNN)Oklahoma teens scavenging for frogs made a grisly discovery: a human leg with the shoe still attached.

The group was exploring the woods near a north Tulsa creek around 8 p.m. Monday when they came upon the skeletal remains of a human leg, the Tulsa Police Department told CNN affiliate KOKI.

Sergeant Tim Lewandowski told KOKI that recent rain likely swept the body downstream to the stormwater sewer where it landed.

The teens called their parents, who alerted police.

Officers arrived at the scene and located a partial human skull near the leg. The remains didn't show any obvious signs of trauma, they said.

The unidentified victim likely died "a while ago" based on the state of decomposition of the body parts, police said.

The Oklahoma medical examiner's office is examining the remains to identify the victim and determine the cause of death.

The partial skull had only a tooth left, officer Jeanne Pierce of the Tulsa Police Department told CNN.

Inappropriate but my first thought on reading the headline was Nigel Kneale's short horror story, "The Pond" :

(This should be a pdf link if anyone wants a read of it)