DENVER, CO ? A Denver man who went missing during a vacation in Portugal has been found dead, his family said. His body was found in a river that flows through Lisbon.

Alex Tyk, 31, was last seek at Lisbon's K Urban Beach Club on June 27. He was supposed to catch a flight the next day to meet up with his friend in Barcelona, but never got on the plane.

Tyk's family launched a GoFundMe page to fly his sister to Portugal to search for him. More than $30,000 was raised to help with the search.

In an update on the page, the family said they found out Tuesday that Tyk's body had been found.

"Thank you all for the support in the search for Alex. It was confirmed that he passed away in Lisbon. Words to describe this loss feel insufficient, it weighs so heavy on our hearts," the family's post read. "To all of those who extended a helping hand in finding Alex, thank you for being a beacon of light for our family. We are not ready to say goodbye, so instead, so long and until we meet again."

The family said Tyk "lived a life to be admired."

"He appreciated life's beauty and expressed it passionately. His kindness and spirit will never be forgotten."