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Thread: John Cagle (59) and 4 other people shot in White Swan, WA

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    John Cagle (59) and 4 other people shot in White Swan, WA

    Yakima County Coroner Jim Curtice has announced the final name of the victims from the White Swan shooting.

    John Cagle, 59 years old is the last identified victim of the White Swan shooting that happened last Saturday.

    The others victims of the shooting were announced Monday, those were:

    Catherine Eneas, 49 years old

    Dennis Overacker, 61 years old

    Michelle Starnes, 51 years old

    Thomas Hernandez, 36 years old.

    Curtice says all of the victims suffered from fatal gun shot wounds.

    The homicides happened Saturday at the 500 block of Medicine Valley Road in White Swan.

    WHITE SWAN, Wash.- More elements have been uncovered as to what happened last Saturday in White Swan.

    FBI investigators interviewed two of the four suspects involved in the killing of five people last weekend and here?s what they found:

    Authorities say James Dean Cloud and Donovan Quinn Carter Cloud shot and killed several people at this home on Medicine Valley Road.

    Once the shooting spree there ended, they needed help escaping the area.

    Police say the other two suspects, Morris Jackson and Natasha Jackson helped the Cloud brothers steal a car.

    Authorities say the car broke down right here on Evans road, just ten miles away from where the killings happened. That's when the group of four decided to split up and flee on foot.

    The Yakima County Sheriffs office found two injured adults and a fifth body in the car.

    Nearly an hour later, police were told there had been a home invasion at a house near where the stolen car had broken down.

    Federal prosecutors say the clouds approached the home with guns.

    One of the suspects grabbed a child at the home, held a gun to the kid?s head, and demanded the homeowners to turn over the keys to their car.

    The homeowners did as they were told and the child was able to escape.

    All four suspects were caught within 48 hours.

    James and Donovan are enrolled members of the Yakama Nation.

    Authorities tell Action News they are still trying to kind a motive for these killings.
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