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Thread: Election 2020-get your popcorn ready!

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    Update Vallejo, CA has their own version of the Trump politics as in a polarized Mayoral race.

    Two prominent politically-anchored Vallejo women withdrew their endorsement of Hakeem Brown for mayor.

    Vallejo City Councilmember Pippin Dew and K. Patrice Williams each pulled their endorsement of Brown, Vallejo?s fourth-year council member entangled in controversy regarding past issues with domestic violence.

    Williams, the founder of the Solano/Napa Chapter of Black Women Organized for Political Action, called her decision ?a gut-wrenching struggle.?

    After describing herself as someone who ?believes in second chances? ? and as a friend of Brown?s ? Williams concluded that recent revelations of the extent of Brown?s domestic abuse history and his construed lack of transparency convinced her to drop her endorsement.

    The BWOPA upheld its endorsement of Brown by a narrow 15-14 margin.

    ?It?s clear ? Black women are divided,? Williams wrote on her Facebook page. ?We are committed to protecting our Black men from struggle. I get it. I?m proud of BWOPA?s endorsement process, but I do not support the decision to continue to support Hakeem for mayor. How do I sleep at night knowing that there are victims out there who do not feel supported??

    Williams said Thursday she ?spent over a day writing, detailing and agonizing? over the letter she posted.

    ?Ultimately I had to speak up for women,? she said. ?We should demand to be the ?everything? in our men?s lives, which includes unharmed, honored and cherished.?

    As of Monday afternoon, there were 245 views of approval. Of the 112 comments, roughly 90 percent supported Williams.

    Good, she said, but ?I?m also clear there are many that don?t agree or support my decision to speak. Their quiet is absolutely deafening.?

    The bottom line, said Williams, is that ?I have a problem with the dishonesty? she believes Brown has displayed in defending the documented abuse of women.

    ?I?m not sure what I would have done if Hakeem had told me everything in advance, but at least it would have been my choice,? Williams said, adding that ?in my personal opinion, I feel like a Black women?s organization (BWOPA) was intentionally used for political cover.?

    Williams added that ?in an age of #MeToo and #believeher, we are all more clear than ever that domestic violence is happening and impacting women. What would it take to do the work to redeem yourself from attacking and brutalizing women? I don?t know, but my faith in people and community says it can happen, but I don?t know the pathway without even admitting you?ve done it.?

    Williams said she ?hasn?t thought about? whether she believes Brown should withdraw from his mayoral candidacy or resign as council member.

    ?But I do know I don?t support any of the mayoral candidates for various reasons,? Williams said.

    Dew decided Saturday to withdraw her endorsement of Brown after publicly supporting him.

    ?There was a lot involved in that decision,? Dew said by phone Monday afternoon. ?A lot of thought went into it. I made my decision based on my own experience throughout my life.?

    Dew said she discussed her statement with Brown before going public.

    ?He knew i was going to make the statement and said he understood,? Dew said. ?He thanked me for being true to myself.?

    Last week, ValPAC, the political arm of the Vallejo Chamber of Commerce, withdrew its endorsement of Brown ? believed to be the first time the organization took that action.

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    Election officials in at least two states contact law enforcement after threatening emails sent to voters

    Elections officials in Florida and Alaska contacted law enforcement Tuesday after registered voters reported receiving threatening emails that said, "Vote for Trump or else!"

    The emails came from an address that appeared to be affiliated with a far-right group, though an analyst who reviewed one email obtained by CNN said it had been sent using foreign internet infrastructure.

    The identity of the person or group behind the messages was unknown, said TJ Pyche, a spokesperson for the Alachua County Supervisor of Elections in Florida.

    Pyche said his office "got flooded with phone calls and emails" from dozens of voters about the messages Tuesday and immediately reached out to local, state and federal law enforcement, including the FBI.

    A spokesperson for the Alaska Division of Elections, Tiffany Montemayor, said the state is aware of Alaskans receiving similar emails and said, "We've forwarded that information to the appropriate federal agencies for their review."

    The FBI did not respond to a request for comment.

    A spokesperson for the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency said in a statement that it is aware of the emails.

    "While we are looking into the emails, we can tell you this: your vote IS secret," the spokesperson said. "These emails are meant to intimidate and undermine American voters' confidence in our elections. Don't fall for sensational and unverified claims. Visit to get more facts about elections and election security. #Protect2020"

    Roxanne Palmer -- a resident of Alachua County, Florida, who is a Democrat -- said she found one of the emails in her spam folder.

    The email was sent from "" and demanded that she vote for Trump "or we will come after you," according to a copy she forwarded to CNN.

    "I'm not worried about it," said Palmer, who said she interpreted the message to more likely be a scam or stunt than an actual threat. "I'm sure it's just someone taking advantage of a lot of the fear and tension."

    Enrique Tarrio, the chairman of the Proud Boys, said the email "is definitely not" from the Proud Boys.

    "We have spoken to the FBI and are working with them. I hope whoever did this is arrested for voter intimidation and for maliciously impersonating our group," Tarrio said.

    Tarrio said the website is one of their official websites but it has not been updated for weeks and is down because they have migrated to another website.

    "We don't send emails. This is someone spoofing our emails and website," Tarrio told CNN.

    Lt. Becky Butscher of the Alachua County Sheriff's Office said her office is "trying to do the best we can to track down the originator" of the messages but she said a deeper investigation of the emails is happening at "a higher level."

    CNN asked John Scott-Railton, a senior researcher at the University of Toronto's Citizen Lab, to review metadata contained in the email sent to Palmer.

    He said the email had been sent using internet infrastructure in Saudi Arabia. Vice News earlier reported that it had obtained an email that had been sent using infrastructure in Estonia.

    "This isn't someone with a fake email account sending messages. This is an operation. The questions will be: how big was it, how many were targeted, and how well were tracks covered," he said.

    "It appears that the operators likely leveraged multiple insecure servers that they probably didn't own in different countries, including Saudi Arabia, to send messages."
    He said it would take a careful investigation to determine who might be behind the emails or whether they are operating inside the US or abroad.

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