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Thread: Robert Mulholland-Green (9) Last Seen Portland, NSW In 1967

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    Robert Mulholland-Green (9) Last Seen Portland, NSW In 1967

    Edit : Uggggh. I thought I put this in w/o soc med.

    I stumbled on an old "boy missing in the NSW bush" case when William Tyrell first went missing. Despite searching I hadn't been able to find it again because I couldn't remember the decade or which part of the central west he disappeared from.

    I think this might be it.

    The article I originally saw was written years after his disappearance, but before the 2008 search of his old family home & it went into quite a bit of detail regarding the extensive searches that were conducted. Initially, like William, police seemed certain he was just lost in the bush but eventually they began leaning toward third party involvement.

    If anyone has any luck finding more detailed articles - especially any written in the past 20 or so years, please post them

    This pic of Robert was shared by Lyn Dawson's nephew (see "Teacher's Pet" podcast if you haven't heard of Lyn)

    Police reopen missing boy case 40 years later
    Posted 2 May 2008, 8:28am

    Police have reopened their investigation into the disappearance of nine-year-old boy from the Lithgow district, in central western New South Wales, more than 40 years ago.

    Robert Mulholland-Green was last seen at the Portland swimming pool on November 17, 1967.

    A police investigation at the time he was reported missing failed to find the boy.

    Now police search and rescue officers have returned to the boy's family home in Willawa Street, Portland.

    Officers spent yesterday scouring the property, in the hope of finding new evidence in the case.

    They are expected to continue their detailed search today.

    Police say they have reopened the case after a review of the evidence and witness information.

    The only other hint of recent coverage that I can find is this copypasted article on a "mystery" forum. The orig link is now dead.

    3/05/2008 8:40:05 AM

    Police have re-opened their investigations into a mystery that has baffled the district community for more than 40 years ? the disappearance of Portland schoolboy Robert Mulhollann.

    The nine year old boy ? who was also known as Robert Mulhollann-Green ? disappeared after being signed off the roll at a school swimming session at the Portland Olympic Pool on the afternoon of November 17, 1967.

    He had been presumed to be heading for his home a little more than 100 metres from the pool.

    Despite a huge police and civilian search no trace was found of the missing boy apart from his schoolbag on the front lawn of the family home.

    On Thursday the mystery took a sensational new turn and Portland was abuzz with rumour when a large squad of police descended on the old Mulhollann family home in Williwa Street.

    Uniformed and plainclothes police and forensic officers together with a police search and rescue team arrived early in the morning and began digging up the backyard with a backhoe.

    They remained on the site for some hours sifting through the upturned soil.

    Police were apparently acting on new information.

    A police spokesman later told the Lithgow Mercury that the Chifley LAC officers had recommenced inquiries into the 40 year old mystery.

    He said inquiries had resumed recently after police received new witness information.

    This had led to action on Thursday when the police went to premises in Williwa Street that had been the family home at the time of the disappearance.

    Nothing of interest was found during this phase of the investigation but investigations are continuing.
    It was the second specific search that had failed to reveal new clues.

    In recent year?s following a Lithgow Mercury report of the Mulhollann case during Missing Persons Week the Lithgow Mercury was contacted by a district resident who told of discovering what was believed to be small human bones while fossicking with a partner for scrap metal at the old Ivanhoe mine site at Pipers Flat.

    When they accompanied detectives to the location they were unable to pinpoint the site.

    Police said however they will continue to follow all leads coming from the public.

    At the time of the disappearance in 1967 investigations continued for months before being gradually scaled down, leaving police and the community baffled.

    Police, civilians and Army personnel with tracker dogs were involved and members of the Western Mines Rescue Station were called in to search abandoned mine shafts.

    Several times police were called to investigate discoveries of what bushwalkers believed were makeshift graves in the scrub.

    Robert Mulhollann?s father died in Lithgow two weeks ago at the age of 94.

    Here's some of the original coverage

    It's hard to judge its legitimacy with the passage of time but I kind of side-eye this sighting,8630086&dq

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