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Thread: Someone In NZ Has Been Killing Birds By Wrapping Them In Xmas Trinkets & Decorations Then Setting Them Free To Slowly Die

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    Someone In NZ Has Been Killing Birds By Wrapping Them In Xmas Trinkets & Decorations Then Setting Them Free To Slowly Die

    A serial bird decorator/murderer?? This is so fucking bizarre

    I need to know what this person looks like.

    & just in case this is the "animal torture" phase of a budding serial killer, I'm going to get in early & name them "The Beatrix Potter Killer" because I blame her fancy dressed animals for this absurd behaviour

    *******Pix of decorated &/or dead birds below*******

    Birds left dead or dying after being decorated with Christmas trinkets
    Jessica Long
    11:39, Jan 08 2019

    The SPCA is calling on the public to help stop whoever is attaching Christmas decorations to Wellington's birds.

    Dozens of birds have died after being decorated with tinsel and other Christmas paraphernalia.

    The Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (SPCA) is calling on the public to help solve the act of "cruelty" that has been particularly bad in the Wellington suburb of Kilbirnie.

    Members of the public have reported sightings of non-native birds with tinsel wrapped around their bodies, as well as items such as Anzac poppies and ribbons.

    A bird decorated with trinkets, spotted in the Wellington suburb of Kilbirnie. SPCA/SUPPLIED

    Some of the birds have also had strips of metal ribbon wrapped around their legs.

    The incidents began in 2017 but increased last year, in particular across the Christmas and New Year period.

    This sparrow had tinsel wrapped so tightly around its wing that its circulation was cut off and it died at the Wellington SPCA.

    SPCA Central Region general manager Ros Alsford said the animals brought into the Wellington SPCA branch were either at the point of starvation, or dead.

    The wild animals spotted wearing the trinkets become severely stressed and further entangled in the items as they tried to pry them off their bodies with their beaks, she said.

    Unfortunately, those that had survived were in such a poor state that they were euthanised.

    The incidences had been isolated to the capital, but had become so frequent it had forced a public call-out by the SPCA,

    "It's got to a point that we've had to do something. We've seen so many come in over the last couple of weeks so we're trying to get to the bottom of this unusual behaviour and trying to find person responsible," Alsford said.

    "It's certainly a number that is making us sit up and go, 'What's going on?'."

    SPCA Central Region general manager Ros Alsford said the public has been asked to help track whoever is behind wrapping decorations around Wellington birds.
    While the birds brought to the SPCA's attention were non-natives, Alsford said that did not mean natives weren't being targeted.

    "The last one, the bird was severely underweight due to starvation. The tinsel was wrapped so tight it cut the circulation off around its wing," she said.

    "Naturally we want some help to identify the person doing this so we can educate, get to the bottom of this and prevent further distress and suffering of these animals."

    Salek and Te Whiti streets in Kilbirnie are where most of the birds were reported to be seen in distress.

    Anyone with information can contact the SPCA 's Wellington centre on (04) 389 8044.

    Breakthrough made in disturbing case of birds found decorated with tinsel in Wellington
    TUE, JAN 8
    1 NEWS

    Wellington SPCA has removed homing pigeons inhumanely tied up with Christmas decorations from a house, more than three years after concerned members of the public started reporting similar sightings.

    Following the 2015 fledgling season, the SPCA started getting calls about pigeons and sparrows with decorations ranging from wine glass charms, tinsel, cloth, bows, metal clamps to plastic bag material attached to them.

    "It's actually most odd ? it?s something that we?ve never come across before and we?ve been trying to deal with this case for three years now and we?d like to get to the bottom of it because it is incredibly distressing but totally bizarre and it?s really upsetting the members of the public as well," SPCA central region general manager Ros Alsford said.

    The SPCA wants members of the public to come forward if they know anything about the decorated birds. Source: SPCA

    Ms Alsford said in the most recent incident reported, a fledgling sparrow had died after tinsel wrapped under its wing had restricted its blood flow.

    She said the SPCA thinks the decorations are being used for identification.

    When the birds try to remove the decorations, Ms Alsford said their beaks or feet get tangled in the decorations causing more distress and in some cases, a painful death.

    Reports of decorated birds spiked during the 2018 Christmas period, with up to 30 calls being made to the SPCA about sightings in the suburb of Kilbirnie, an SPCA spokesperson said.

    SPCA officers have gone door-to-door on two streets where the birds were reported in the suburb, and handed out flyers, but have never had a lead.

    The SPCA is asking whoever has been decorating the birds to stop. Source: SPCA

    Today 1 NEWS saw pigeons with Christmas decorations attached to them in an aviary at a property in the area.

    People living at the house wouldn?t come to the door but did speak to SPCA welfare officers when they arrived at the property.

    Seven decorated homing pigeons, some with painted wings, were removed from the aviary by the SPCA.

    Chief inspector Ritchie Dawson described the removal as a "great breakthrough."

    "Absolutely stoked, it?s been three years, we?ve had stuff in local media, Facebook pages, flyer drops, everything and we?ve had no information whatsoever come back so it?s really good and hopefully we can get some traction and sort it out completely," he said.

    "It?s been great to be able to get them and get these things off these birds before they cause more harm or even death."

    SPCA veterinarians treat a pigeon with tinsel stuck on it. Source: SPCA

    The decorations were tethered to the pigeons in a harness-style arrangement, which can stop the birds being able to move, cut into their muscle and impact natural waterproofing, Mr Dawson said.

    The flock were in a distressed state but otherwise healthy, nurses reported.

    The aviary had an opening for the birds to enter and exit.

    Mr Dawson said the birds will be returned to the aviary as there were eggs there, as well as young birds.

    Inspectors will interview those living at the property and are considering whether a charge of wilful ill-treatment to an animal causing unnecessary pain, suffering and distress should be laid, he said.

    A spokesperson for SPCA said the charge has a maximum penalty of 12 months imprisonment.

    Mr Dawson said it?s too early to say whether the decorated sparrows are linked to the case, which is now under investigation.

    "If anybody has any further information regarding pigeons with decorations on or garden birds and trinkets please contact us so we can look into that information as well," he said.

    NZ lurkers please spill the tinsel bird tea. WHO IS THIS PERSON??
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    New Zealand Herald

    No incriminating evidence at Wellington house where decorated pigeons were found
    14 Jan, 2019 3:20pm
    A search of a Wellington property where groups of intricately decorated pigeons were found has turned up no evidence to suggest the residents are behind the bizarre abuse.

    The pigeons were found in an open aviary in Kilbirnie decorated with tinsel, trinkets, and paint, during an investigation into the spiking number of birds dying or becoming seriously injured by such decorations.

    But it appears the mystery decorator is still at large after the SPCA carried out a search warrant at the property and found no evidence that the house's occupants had harmed the birds themselves.

    "The search warrant found no incriminating evidence that the occupants were responsible for capturing the birds, decorating, and releasing them," an SPCA spokesperson said in a statement.

    "The owners have an open aviary with homing pigeons, and the birds found there last week have also been victim to whoever is decorating birds in the Kilbirnie area."

    The seven decorated pigeons were found at the aviary shortly after the antics of the bird decorator reached news headlines. Prior to the discovery, other birds such as sparrows had been found with tinsel wrapped around them.

    Many of the sparrows had died as the decorations stopped them from being able to eat or drink

    Since 2015, SPCA's Wellington Centre have had 30 cases of birds arriving at the centre either dead, or with injuries so severe they have had to be euthanised.

    Decorations were removed from the pigeons by SPCA's veterinary team, and they each underwent a full vet examination.

    SPCA's inspectors will continue to investigate the case, and are calling on Kilbirnie residents to help.

    8 Dec, 2018 4:42pm

    Members of the public who see any decorated birds in the area can help by trying to take a photo of the decorated bird, as well as noting the date, time, and location they saw the bird, and calling SPCA's Wellington Centre.

    If a member of the public finds a body of a bird that has been decorated, please phone the SPCA and they will arrange collection of the bird.

    If anyone has any information in relation to this case, they can call SPCA's Wellington Centre on 04 389 8044.

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