For four-year-old Rondriez "Junior" Phillips, time is continually ticking away. Three months ago he was last seen playing in the front yard of his home in Lisbon, Claiborne Parish.

His disappearance has not only sparked local interested but national too. The National Center for Missing and Exploited Children weighing in on his case. Robert Lowery is the Vice President of the Missing Children Division. Lowery has searched for thousands of missing kids. He said Junior's situation is frustrating and very painful.

"Four-year-old children don't just mysteriously disappear," Lowery said.

Family members say Junior was last seen wearing a white T-shirt, blue jeans, and yellow rubber boots. Lowery said they are working hard with the local law enforcement to find him.

"We sent a group from the national center on the scene," he said. Authorities have drained a pond and searched acres of wooded land but still no sign of what happened to Junior. Lowery said his age alone puts him at extremely high risk.

He said since they have today's technology at hand there is a 98% success rate. Lowery said they never give up until they physically find the child.

He also said the most painful thing is that someone knows what happened to Junior. Lowery is hoping, along with so many others that that person would speak up.

A $10,000 reward is up for any tips leading to Junior.

Shelia Phillips did her best to sing happy birthday to honor her son's life. The cake sat on the table, balloons waved midair and the guests arrived. The only one missing was the birthday boy.

"My spirit is down; it's really down. It's hard," Phillips said.

It's been seven months since Junior Phillips went missing. He was last seen playing in the yard near his Claiborne Parish home.

"I do believe my baby is still living," Phillips said.

For months, national and local crews combed through woods, creeks and area homes, but no trace of Junior. So, the search continues.

No one knows where he could be.

But before the party ended, the family had a wish of their own.

"If you're watching this, I miss you and love you and we're ready for you to come home," Phillips said.

If you know anything about Junior, the family is asking you to call the police.

To contact family, call (318) 927-2011 or (800) 810-2011.